salam untuk awak! awak kat mana, awak kat mana. haha. saya kat sini sajo. jom, nak berkongsi gambar kesucian salju kasih asama cinta bersemi di bumi sheffield ini. setelah berpenat lelah memegang salji kat snow house genting dengan bukit cerakah, akhirnya dapat jugalah pegang yang berguguran dari langit. teruja bercampur syukur ku panjatkan pada yang maha esa atas nikmat yang diberikan. ayat...  

kawasan wajib untuk kawan-kawan yang datang melawat untuk bergambar!


 titew sewjuk masew niw.

orang salji yang boleh tahan rampingnya

 muah ciked. hahaha

 kat chaah jumpa dia, di uitm jumpa dia, kat sini pun ada juga! hahaha. 


  weston park

 merenung masa hadapan. kononnya.

jumpa kalian dalam coretan yang lain pula ya? 10 februari 2015. 5:01 PM



salam, kalian. rinduku semakin kuat dengan dirimu, Malaysia. alhamdulillah, life is good here in sheffield and how time flies huh, as i've already finished my first semester for my m.a. eight months to go before i can happily feed my stomach with nasi lemak ayam thaif, roti banjir, my mum's ayam masak babu and the list goes on. i love to eat, like seriously. a major foodie i am! and just so you know, i've put on weight here, to help me facing the winter season. (alasan). hey people, am still spending my winter break and i was like, ok, this is how winter feels. nak sangat kan main salji masa kecik-kecik dulu. hahaha. syukur, for i have the chance to experience winter season here in sheffield, thus uploading your photos playing with snow and making a snowman are a must!  

anyway, let the winter story come after this post as for this moment, day,'s all about europe trip!!! yeaha!!! thanks, my travel mates! you people ah, awesome gilaks and i had a good time then! fyi, we went to four countries; france - germany - austria - italy for 10 days (14 to 24 december) visiting tourist hotspots and of course, 'click click' tangkap gambaq la! later, i stayed london right after the trip, for three days, eagerly waiting for boxing day in oxford street. jom, the photos!          

paris de nord, our meeting station 

it's paris disneyland!!! (france)

mercedes-benz museum (germany)

porsche museum (germany)

bmw museum (germany)
neuschwanstein castle (germany)

mini museum :) (germany)

allianz arena (germany)

sini kecantikan yang amat! hungerburg (austria)

venice, people! (italy)

burano (italy)

tak venice la kalau tak gondola (italy)

 strawberi karipap tersesat di paris? (france)
arc de triomphe
notre dame
louvre museum (france)

le claridge champs-elysées

moulin rouge

boxing day in oxford street (london) 

camden town, london :)

that's all for now, peeps. see ya!!! 10:46 pm, 21/1/2015.


salam & bismillah.

first, just to let you know, i'm craving for nasi lemak ayam like seriously and now i miss my canteen food and thaif restaurant so much. how i wish to have doreamon's door so that i can go back for at least one hour to have those! haha. you wish! 

anyway, peeps, i went to london last week! yeahaaa! you know, since cinta antara benua was aired years ago, it hit me to visit london at least once. alhamdulillah, since i'm here in the uk, the possibility for me to visit london is more. *evil laugh* i did a short clip on my instagram with the theme song of the drama as the background music. haha. more clips are coming. kau jaga! next in line: someone like you and cinta korporat. cham tuu.

hey wait, lemme just update my life here in sheffield. alhamdulillah, all is well, classes are good and i'm happy to be surrounded by people i love.i did write about my course in my last post but i totally forgot to share my experience from klia to manchester international airport. 

here we go. i took emirates airline and i was beyond happy with the service. i was like wow, food. and wow, food and wow, food! and wow, friends! haha. managed to eat my breakfast while watching friends and later, blended, strarring sandler and barrymore. i enjoyed the movie so much. well, this was my longest flight compared to my journey to seoul and sydney. i stopped in dubai for about three hours and then took the air bus to manchester. i enjoyed the food. see, food is emphasised more than one time when it comes to me. the journey was nice and the jet lag was nice as well. haha


burpppp. alhamdulillah kenyang! :)

back to london. i went to mara office to send in my forms thingy. once i arrived at the king's cross station, well, a must do for me (at least), i searched for the 9 3/4 platform to feel how harry felt to go through the platform but in my case, it was not the case. haha. managed to capture some of the photos there and visit the shop. you can get wands, cards, ties, jumpers and anything about the novels/movies.     


i didn't buy anything. a sign that needs me to come here again. 

once dah puas bergambar, then it's time to use the underground tube. yeay! so you have to buy the oyster ticket first before you board the tube. kinda pening at first of all the stations, but you'll get used to it. it's not that hard actually. i love the signboard of each station!

at bayswater station then later to mara office.

there you go. once everything pertaining mara was done, it was about time for me to explore london. london was one of my dream destinations since i was a kid. i dunno why. it might be because of its building, atmosphere and the people kot. once i stepped out from the tube, it was like...uwaaa bang cik dah sampai london!!! cham tuu! 

then, i spent about half an hour at the park nearby, kensington park was it? yeah. worth spending time there and such a beautiful and restful park and of course i laid on the grass!

papa...papa razi...

later, where did i go? oh, royal alber hall. thanks to citymapper app that i could easily find all the places in london. royal albert hall, as i mentioned in my fb - adele was here and siti nurhaliza was here and now i am here. haha. i love the building though. got the chance to go inside (of course, not to the hall) and saw all the singers/performers faces on the wall. i think it is such a nice experience to watch the concert live in the hall and let's just wait for the right moment to buy the ticket ;) 
whose concert will it be? let's just see then.

jerat percintaan in the deep

ok ok, this is the best part! i was too excited to see big ben in front of my eyes. so later i took the tube to winsminister station and i could not find the big ben. haha. it was there, actually, behind me. too joyous, perhaps. to be near big ben means you are now officially in london. oh, to see double decker bus and london eye as well. boleh gitu? haha. let me take a selfie first! don't ask me how many shoots did i take just for this pose. payah nak dapat pencahayaan sempurna. haha. 

me with big ben :)

it's london eye and a london double decker!

thanks kak farah for hosting us in wembledon for two nights. do come to sheffield later ok? :) on the next day, the exploration of london continued with my friends. kak lin and kak van; my tesl mates back in shah alam. we explored the city, trafalgar square, national museum, harrods, buckingham palace, tower bridge and last destination, fish and chips restaurant in paddington.

trafalgar square

abang yang terapung

adakah ini kilauan emas. maaf, kilauan perak?

haha. the best part. i got more than 100 likes on my fb, sir, muka sama la. haha. i know. it would be great if i can meet him in person! :)

city centre


buckingham palace

tower bridge

at tower hill station

that was my story in london. i'll be back london! haha. didn't have much time to visit notting hill. again, a reason for me to go to london. i enjoyed the weekend and i took a train back to sheffield.  let's go back to sheffield story jom!

went to tinsley to kak ain's and kak nad's house for food hunting! haha

woot woot :D

peak district. a must visit place when you are here in sheffield!

that's all for now peeps. it's such a nice feeling to share stories, you know. do follow my instagram (azim387) and let's be friends on fb (mohd azim saidon). till then. 
malaysia di hati, nasi lemak di fikiran. hahah.

friday, 10 october 2014, 12:32 pm.


assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh kalian.


akhirnya bang cik kembali lagi menulis blog! terasa nak tulis bahasa melayu pulak kali ni sebab rindu nak buat karangan. boleh? syoklah pulak membahasakan diri ni bang cik gara-gara #qetepiyyans memanggilku dengan nama ini. haha. rindu kalian! nak guna nama pena “bang cik” la untuk post-post lepas ni.

seperti yang dijanjikan, bang cik akan kongsikan cara-cara sambung belajar ke luar negara ya. sebelum tu bang cik nak bermukadimah sedikit lah ya tentang kehidupan yang ku lalui kini. alhamdulillah bang cik kini berada di bumi sheffield, united kingdom dalam jurusan ma applied linguistics with tesol di the university of sheffield. sekarang tengah musim luruh! tiba-tiba kan.  

jom, tak sabar nak cerita ni! tapi, ini versi bang cik punya ya, dari perspektif seorang guru, "cham tu" (macam tu) bak kata teman serumah bang cik di filey street ini. 

bang cik sendiri sebenarnya tak tahu sebelum ni cara-cara nak sambung belajar ke luar negara. mujur ada sewad yang banyak membantu dalam hal ni. sewad ada kat leeds sekarang, tak melawat bang cik pon kat sini kan. tetiba. ok, bang cik mulakan dengan langkah pertama ya!

1)  pilih universiti dan kos.

dalam kes bang cik, banyak universiti yang dipilih hari tu dan kos tetap sama dan serupa, tesol. kalau kalian nak tau, kalau nak tau lah, bang cik sebelum ni mengajar kat smk sungai tiram, ulu tiram (ppd pasir gudang). lengkap bukan informasi ini? hehe. sempatlah mengajar 2 tahun 9 bulan dan bang cik suka semesti!!! rinduku masih menebal padamu! ok sambung!

lepas dah baca setiap spesifikasi subjek, hati ini tertarik untuk ke universiti of sheffield. bang cik dapat leeds, newcastle ngan leceister  tapi bang cik wakilkan kat sewad je ya, boleh kan? nanti bang cik wakilkan kat zureza juga sekali, insyaallah. jangan lupa scan salinan ijazah, transkrip dan sijil-sijil yang berkaitan. oh, kalian akan dapat dua surat dari universiti. conditional dan unconditional. conditional bila kalian tak cukup syarat, yang mana kalian kena cukupkanlah untuk dapat unconditional letter ittew. maaf, itu.

2) pilih biasiswa-biasiswa/tawaran pelajaran yang available

dalam kes bang cik, mara menjadi pilihan di hati. sewad banyak membantu bang cik dalam hal ini. terima kasih sewad! nanti mara akan keluarkan iklan di dada-dada akhbar dan page fb mara. jadi rajin-rajinkanlah diri kalian untuk tengok-tengok iklan ini ya? bang cik isi borang online bulan mac dan bermulalah rentetan peristiwa bersejarah dalam hidup bang cik, cham tu. tahun ni mara ada psychometric test dan interview. nervous kot! last bang cik interview masa nak kerja kilang kat chaah. eh bukan, last interview untuk spp kat jb. Untuk mara, bang cik interview kat ikbn jb. kena pulak satu bilik interview dengan sewad. kau rasa? hebat sewad ni, dengan siap gaya tangan!

beberapa purnama kemudian, keluarlah keputusannya. alhamdulillah, bang cik dapat pascasiswazah mara ini begitu juga sewad yang hebat semasa di ruangan temuduga ittew. eh, itu. mula-mula kita buat psychometric test online, lepas tu akan dipanggil untuk ditemu duga. tahun lepas lain modus operandi nya, tahun ni lain. tahun depan bang cik pun tak tahu. jadi bersedialah ya kalian.

3) minta cuti belajar tanpa gaji tanpa biasiswa

ok, ini part yang best untuk kawan-kawan guru bang cik. mara dah habaq awai-awai kalau nak sambung, hangpa kena cuti tanpa gaji sebab elaun depa bagi. jadi, camne nak buat ya cikgu-cikgu sekalian? silalah memuat turun borang cuti tanpa gaji tanpa biasiswa di laman sesawang kpm. boleh search ja nanti dan keluarlah ia.

ada beberapa helaian borang yang perlu diisi dan lepas tu, tandatangan pengetua dan pengarah jpn pun perlu dalam  boring kita nanti. jujur bang cik cakap memang kena kuat jiwa dan raga nak isi borang ni. kalian kena sediakan salinan buku khidmat kerajaan, slip gaji dan adalah beberapa lagi dokumen yang perlu. bang cik bersyukur sebab texas. maaf, tiram ngan jpn tak jauh sangat. nak gi jpn lalu smt perdagangan jb, sekolah bang cik dulu. amek mekanikal tup-tup jadi cikgu bi. cham tu! hahaha. setel borang ni, bolehlah hantar kat bahagiaan tajaan di cyberjaya. rajin-rajin update ngan bahagiaan tajaan ya. bang cik difahamkan nama kita akan dibawa ke mesyuarat untuk dibincangkan sama ada layak atau tidak untuk diberi cuti. insyaallah kalau cukup syarat, no hal punya J

3) mara

da dapat surat cuti tanpa gaji dengan rasminya, barulah bang cik boleh proceed dengan dokumen-dokumen mara. bang cik agak tertinggal sedikit daripada kawan-kawan lain tapi alhamdulillah, semuanya beres. dah sampai pon ha kat sini J mula-mula mara akan bagi senarai dokumen pertama untuk dihantar. lepas dah lengkap, (dalam kes bang cik, bang cik tunggu surat rasmi kelulusan cuti belajar tanpa gaji dulu) boleh lah hantar semua dokumen ke pejabt mara. bang cik pos ja hari tu walau dalam hati berdebar-debar sampai ke tak surat ni kat ofis. alhamdulillah sampai. lepas dah sampai, depa akan cek dan jika lengkap semua, akan dapat satu lagi dokumen untuk dilengkapkan. masa ni la tang cop-cop segala yang kalian kena buat. ini banyak dibincangkan dalam blog-blog kakak kakak dan abang abang yang dah kat obersi. kalian boleh cari ja nanti kat tenet.

4) btn
ha, ini wajibul ghunnah! maaf, wajib pergi. btn bang cik semua diuruskan oleh bahagiaan tajaan kpm. kami ditelefon dan info berkenaan kursus diemel dan kami pun pergi. bang cik kena kat kem bina negara klia bulan tujuh hari tu. seronok dapat jumpa kawan-kawan baru dalam 4 hari berkursus ni.

5) hal-hal lain

kalau semua dah hantar dan setel, tunggu duit mara masuk dalam akaun. hehe. duit ni bolehlah kalian buat visa, beli tiket flight, tb test dan apa-apa yang perlu. visa dan tiket kapal terbang bisa di claim nanti. masa ni dah boleh lah pergi aeon tebrau usha-usha beg tarik nak letak periuk kuali segala ittew. haha. baju bawak sikit ja! kat sini bang cik terkesima sekejap dengan harga-harga bajunya yang cukup mengundang duit keluar dari poket. da siap semua bolehlah kemas-kemas barang kat sekolah dan bergeraklah kamu ke satu dimensi lain. gitu! haha. berat kot hati masa kemas meja haritu nak tingal sekolah ngan budak-budak.

sempatlah bang cik menitiskan ayaq mata masa bersalaman dengan budak-budak ni hari tu. uwaa, syahdunya! Lagi-lagi depa dok pasang lagu background kat belakang. touching kite!

bang cik rasa setakat ni la yang bang cik boleh kongsikan untuk rakan-rakan guru semua. kalau ada apa-apa pertanyaan, boleh roger bang cik kat instagram (tu dia bagi instagram dulu) hahaha kat azim387. tak pun add ja fb bang cik mohd azim saidon ataupun email insyaallah bang cik akan cuba membalas setiap email kalian.

bolehkan nak letak sedikit gambar bang cik di bumi sheffield yang bertuah ini. oh, minggu depan bang cik nak gi london melawat kak lin ngan kak van. yeay!!! Awat la bang cik dok bubuh semua huruf kecil ya? Ooo, konon-konon nak jadi trademark la ni. J

bang cik kat peak discrict national park, hope valley, derbyshire. :)


Salam kalian!

AMARAN- Post kali ini amat menyentuh jiwa. Sediakan tisu. Saya yang sediakan tisu. Bukan awak!

As stated above, today's post is quite touching for me. Yeah, I'm leaving my school as I'll further my studies next week. Eh, tomorrow. InsyaAllah I'll be furthering my studies in the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. Last week of school's hard to put in words. Frankly, I feel loved by these people. Thank you colleagues, dear students and staff. Thanks for the delicious food, cakes, surprise birthday party and all the lovely presents! I love you guys! 

To my warga SeMeSTi, thanks for everything. I have learnt a lot from you peeps. My ex-students and students especially 5 Angsana, 5 Jati, 4 Bidara, 4 Delima, 4 Jati. You kids are awesome. Kak Hanim, thanks for teaching me the meaning of life. I've learnt a lot from you. Stay vogue Kanim! hehe. My #qetepiyyans, you guys are my tulang belakang. Thanks for always being there for me. Don't wanna write more, am afraid tears will flow out. Enjoy the pics okay? SeMeSTi Pasti Jaya!

Thanks Kak Hanim & Lembaga Pengawas

 4 Jati. Thanx kids!!!

Warga SeMeSTi, terima kasih!

 My ex-5 Cendana, thanks for this cake. Good Luck SPM 2014!

 Korean Food!!! Hidup Geng Karok! Hehehe

 2 Cendana thanks for the cake though I'm not teaching you.

 5 Angsana, thanks for this cake and thanks for the party that night!!! SPM 9A+!

Thanks again 5 Angsana!

 Thanks Syaz. Sugar is Gula!

Thanks 5 Cendana ex-students! Red velvy in the house.

 Thanks for the surprise party! Farewell cum birthday party. 

4 Bidara. Thanks for the cakes and presents! 

 Cikgu-cikgu Bujang & Kakak kesepian. :P

 Thanks Kak Ita 

 Kak Halis, thanks! :)

 Thanks Kak Zai. 

Thanks English teachers! :)


That's all for now. I love SeMeSTi! SMK Sungai Tiram di hati!

More photos on my FB: Mohd Azim Bin Saidon

10:43 PM - 17/9/2014
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