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In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Assalamualaikum W.B.T and a very Good Day to all of you!

Ok folks, I think that the opening greetings will be my trademark for my blog from today onwards.. So, how are you ya? I hope that all of you are in the pink of health. Ha, talking about Pink, does anyone of you have watched Pink Panther II? If you do, don't forget to share your view with me eh!

Ok, as I've promised before, I will write about my experience when I first met Kak G a.k.a Ziana Zain, my Jom Borak Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical Season III and My Trip to Jakarta and Bandung. Wow, so many stories to tell ha..Never mind, as long as I'm happy, I want all of you guys to be happy as I am. Sama-sama susah, sama-samalah kita senag kan?

Ok, my first story:

I Met Kak G at SACC Mall.

Wow, I am so excited to write about this one.. Em, where should I start? Ok, the story started when I went to Speedy in Plaza Alam Sentral looking for new CDs and DVDs. Tup tup I saw Kak G's first album, Madah Berhelah that I wanted so much! I was looking for this album for about 13 years maa! and finally I got it! I bought the same album for two beb, plus Setiaku Di Sini album. The other Madah Berhelah I gave it to Mira because I knew she wanted to buy the same album too. Kan Mira kan? Then, I continued my journey to SACC Mall, Shah Alam. When I entered SACC, I couldn’t believe that I was just passing kak G, his two sons and her husband. God, I was speechless and believe me, I was shaking! What should I do? What should I do? Ok, with full of confidence,he he he I ran towards her! Here we go! God, I couldn’t believe that Ziana Zain was in front of my eyes!

'Could you sign these for me kak G? '

I showed her those albums that I just bought. Wow, she must be proud when she saw her fan was holding her albums, right? She wanted to sign but both of us didn’t have pens at that time. Then, what happened next? Then, then… I went to this kind-hearted brother at Nandos who kindly lent me his pen. Thanks bro for the pen! Then I gave it to Kak G and she started signing and writing something at those albums. Do you want to know what did she write at her album or at my album? Take a look at these pics!

So sweet right? We were chatting at Nandos for about 1 minute. She asked about my study and we talked about the previous Juara Lagu. I got the chance to shake hands with two of her sons! Before she left, she thanked me for the support. This would be my unforgettable experience with you kak G. You are the best!

My Jom Borak Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical Season III

Ok, my next story is about Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical. First of all, I would like to thank Nabil for giving me the ticket. For your information, Nabil is one of the casts in the show. He acts as Dato' Bentara Dalam. Congratulations Nabil, you go boy! Ok, back to PGLM III. I am so proud because PGLM represents Malaysians’ ability to have a world class theatre. Congratulations to Datuk Zahim Al Bakri and Datin Seri Tiara. You guys are purely and truly theatre people! Hats off to both of you! That was my first time I watched theater at Istana Budaya. For those of you guys who have not watched this show, you are in a big loss. Trust me! I was fascinated by the casts, the props (especially the Stupa), the musicians and the songs. As tough I was in heaven! My favourite scenes were when those Nenek Kebayans entered the stage and when Gusti Puteri disappeared in Bayan’s hands. It was magnificent and full of magic! My favourite songs were Melaka oh Melaka and Tujuh Syarat. Oh, and for Bayan, she did a very good job! I would say that I could feel what she felt during the show. She was superb! Datin Tiara's and Stephen's vocals were also superb! I would like to watch this show again but unfortunately, the tickets? SOLD OUT! I can’t wait to watch PGLM Season 4 if there is any. I’m sure all Malaysians really want to have the next PGLM right? Oh ya, this was my PGLM III ticket. Take a look.

Ok, my last story..My trip to Jakarta and Bandung this May. I think I would like to keep it as a secret first because it will be enjoyable for me to write it when I’ve finished my visit, rite? But for now, I just want to share a lilte bit of my visit. I’ll be flying on 12th may and get back 5 days later. God, can’t wait to go there.

Ok folks, I think that’s all for now. Again, thank you to all bloggers who keep supporting me! Cahaya Pejuang, Topik and Arifuddin. Thank you so much! Assalamualaikum! Monday, 5.13 PM, 16th FEB 09.


  1. Quite surprising to see my name in ur entry, neway. =P ThaNks, Azim. Hehe..

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I was the evidence of the zekna zen incident. should i describe ur expression at dat time?? haha!mcm shin chan bila jmpa kakak cantik. hahaha =P
    By the way..i recognize one of the names dat r being mentioned in this post.. hehehe.

  4. what are you doing at SACC on that day anyway, and why I am not with you, sampai hati!


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