The Boy with The Meatballs

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful. Assalamualikum and a very Good Day to all of you, bloggers and readers!

How are you readers? I hope that all of you are in the pink of health ya! Oh, when it comes to Pink, I remember Ramzi.. Ramzi, Happy Birthday to you! Selamat hari Lahir. Wow, you've grown up! May Allah Bless you... May your wishes come true..What is your big wish ek??? Hehehe..

Ok, for this post, I wanna share meatballs with all of you. Hehehe.. No lah, meatballs that I ate last Sunday. I went to IKEA's food court with my sis and we had this Swedish Meatballs. God, as tough I was in Sweeden. The taste, wow! It was very delicious! The meatballs were so original plus the gravy, the fries and the berry sauce. Ha, one more menu, Daim Cake. It was super delicious! That was my second time I had been there. Insyaallah, I'll come again to taste the same recipe, may be with you! These are some photos that I managed to snap.

 Swedish Meatballs

Go for 15 pieces ok!

The super delicious Daim Cake!!!

Semua sedap!

If you have time, just call me so that we can go there together! Anytime! hahaha.. Ok folks, I think that's all for now. Again, thanks so much to all readers who keep supporting me! Thanks so much guys! See you in my next post ya! Salam! 11:31, Monday, 30/3/2007


  1. yummy~sdp yer...
    banje ar sy makan~

  2. gr8.
    i luv ikea too...
    but never drop by to try those meatballs.
    will try it 1 day.Insyaallah.

  3. Hehehe..mane ade pana..aku makan free jek..ngeh3

  4. ok tetibe ak terase nk makan meatballs..

  5. Hmmm, what is my big wish ek? J'aime dinde!


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