The Boy with The Photos

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful. Assalamualikum and a very Good Day to all of you, bloggers and readers!

Attention people, I'm back! He he he.. How do you do guys? Wow, it's been a long time kan, I haven't updated my blog. Never mind guys, for this post, I make it specially for you and it is different from my previous posts. I don't wanna write stories but I wanna show you photos, photos and photos of my activities in January and February. Starting from AJL Ticket Hunting, AJL, PGL, TGI Friday's, Aquaria KLCC, Fish Spa and LCCT Tour. I enjoyed it very much! Take a look ya!

With Mira and Kak Im at Aquaria after we've got tickets to AJL  



                                               Anak sapo la ni???


It's AJL time!!! Live from Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

At Sunway Pyramid's TGI Friday's

Inside of  Istana Budaya after watching PGL The Musical Season 3


Ha, I've got the chance to take a photo with this cute little boy. He acted as Adlin's son in the show.


This photo was taken after the show. From the right: Midin, Shafiq, Mira, Azim387, Nabil and Kak Im.

 Jom, let the fish 'massage' your legs! You should try it!

Welcome to the 24th Century. You'll be arriving to Kakakukatakakikakakukaku in 5 mins. 

 "Stop, no camera plz! Give me some privacy!" Hehehe. At LCCT for Mior's departure.

That's all for now guys. Seriously, I would like to do these activities again with all my friends! Keseronokannya tidak terkata! Ok guys, that's all for now and see you in the next post ya! Take care..Salam. Friday, 12.36 AM


  1. WAH.....
    xtxt yg sgt best: )

    i like the vere last photo,dh mcm artis kena serbu wartawan.hehe...

    enjoy ur day

  2. takde pun gambar aku, sampai hati.....

  3. Okey.. That was awesome. Lots of activity in a row. =P


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