The Boy with The Tears

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful. Assalamualikum and a very Good Day to all of you, bloggers and readers!

Hye folks! We meet again. It's been a long time I haven't updated my blog. I'm quite busy lately as there are lots of things to be done. Assignments, presentations, sending kids to school. Ha? Sending kids to school? Hahaha..I'm joking!

Ok readers, for this blog, I wanna share some photos and comments about Sirah Junjungan; Tahajud Cinta that I watched last week. OMG, this is the best theatre that I have ever watched. Congratulations to Mrs Eirma Fatima for having a great idea to stage this show. Hats off! 

Frankly speaking, I cried more than 5 times while watching this theatre. It was very touching and believe me, if you watch this show, you'll be crying too! Rasulullah S.A.W had a very hard and difficult life in order to spread the truth of Islam. He is the greatest man ever. Ramzi, Mira, Kak Im and Zue were also crying during the show. Ok folks, these are some photos that I managed to get from the begining until the end of the show. I cannot write more because, trust me, I'll be crying again!

Berpunjabi hitam!!!

With Leyl, Ram, Kak Im, Azie, Zue, Anie, Mira.

Taken before the show started

With Rabecca Nur Islam, (one of the casts) who gave me a flying kiss after the show!!! :)



Red eyes after crying but still smiling :)

Wow, with Mawi!!!

Ok guys, I think that's all for now. We'll meet again in the next post, InsyaAllah. Salam. 3:56 PM, Friday, 27/03/09


  1. sukanya~ nk tgk sir azim ngis! nk tgk! nk tgk! mesti comel. (ayat xleh blah~) hehhehehheheh

  2. gosh~u look so smart in dat outfit :D

  3. wah....
    sure rebecca bg flying kiss kt azim??

  4. oh noooooooooooooo!!!!

    i luv mawi;P


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