The Boy with The Boys and The Girls

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful. Assalamualikum and a very Good Day to all of you, bloggers and readers!

For this post, I wanna share a sweet story with you guys. Yesterday, I went to Sunway Pyramid with me friends (Ramzi, Mubarak and Mubeer) and seniors (Syuhada, Kak Huda, Kak Zura, Kak Aini, Kak Kichi) to enjoy our food together at Nandos. The most important thing that you should know is, I enjoyed my half chicken with Potato Salad and Peri Chips and the free-flow Iced Lemon Tea very much. Masyuk!!!. Oh, thanks Ramzi for paying 70% of my food! Syukran ya Akhi! 

Then, after we had our food, we did our ziarah around the place. We enjoyed the outing so much! Thanks to Ramzi, Mubarak, Munir, Syud, Kak Huda, Kak Zura, Kak Aini and Kak Kichi for spending your time with me! I really wanted to enjoy our food together again but, unfortunately, these seniors will be going back to Kelantan. I'll be missing you girls! Insyaallah, we can have fun like this together again, rite? :) These are some of the pictures that we managed to snap during the sweet ziarah to Sunway.

Before the food came...happy faces

(Kak Aini, Syuhada, Ramzi, Muneer, Kak Kichi, Azim, Kak Huda, Mubarak and Kak Zura)


Ha, after the food came! ! Happier faces!

What??? I'm thinking O.k!!!


With my Yaman friend, Mubarak

 I'm tapaing, which means Saya sedang bertapa. 


Yea Yea, sama tinggi dengan maskot!

Wohoa! Women's Fiction tu!

Ok guys, I thinks that's all for now. See you in my next post ya! Salam! Saturday, 4:46, 2 May 2009. 


  1. auuu...abang bean nsem la berbaju putih membace women fiction!!

  2. Nampak syok. Hehe.. :p Cohort 3 da nak balik Maktab, let's pray for their best. Soon, our time will come. Insyaallah..

  3. Pana: Haha,...tu la, pana x nak kuar ngan abang, abg kuar ngan ramzi je..hehehe

    Ariffudin: Syok puding!Kenyang makan ayam! Tu la, our time will come tu kan...

    Ramzi: Ape yang mantap nye?!

  4. suka post ni ^_^
    what a great time! will miss that moment for sure..isk..isk..

  5. wah azim...yg penting enjoy mkn2 n jln2.hehe......

  6. jeles ngn ramzi!!
    ramzi! ak tarik rambot ko!

  7. Pana, babe, jgn marah babe, kumbang bukan seekor......


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