The Boy with The Logos

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful.

Assalamualiakum W.B.T and Good Day, mates. How are you?! Wow, haven't updated my blog for quite long rite. Ok, for this post, I wanna share with you about logos. Logos in my life. Cewah!

Oh, before that, I wanna share a happy story with all of you. Dato' Mahadzir Lokman wrote me a comment in my Facebook! Yeaha! Mira, I got mine too! :) Thanks so much Dato'! 

Ok folks, back to logo. I wanna share logos with you. What logos eh??! Logos of my life. Here they are: 

Tadika Kemas Chaah

Tadika Kemas Chaah, where my formal education begins. Wow, lots of happy memories here. :) We worn the red-plus-white-square uniform, brushed teeth, ate, read and played together. Those were the days. 

And sorry folks, I couldn't find a logo for Sekolah Agama Chaah. A place where I learnt lots of subjects. Tajwid, Tauhid, Muamalat, Munakahat, Lughatun Arabiah and so on. I can remember all those Ustazs and Ustazah who taught me. Ustaz Hussin, Ustazah Noriah, Ustazah Masyitah (whom her son is my best friend), Ustazah Syamsiah, Ustazah mahzom, Ustaz Khairul Nizam, Arwah Ustaz Johar and Ustazah Zainab. I continued my Sekolah Khas here, where Ustaz Mazlan was the headmaster. Nice years there!

Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Bali Chaah

A place where I took my PTS and UPSR and Karipap plus sambal  was my favourite food. It's still my favourite food! I can still sing the song of this school you know!

Seri Bali sekolah tercinta...Tempatku menuntut ilmu.. Oh, I'm starting to cry! :P

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Chaah

A place where I learnt about 2 sessions. :) Form 1 and 2 will be in the evning session and the rest will be in the morning session. The best memories when I was in Form 3A. FYI folks, one new school will be open soon, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seri Bali Chaah. Oh Chaah, I am proud of you!

Sekolah Menengah Teknik Perdagangan, Johor Bahru

A place where I took Pengajian Kejuruteraan Mekanikal which I got B4 in my SPM. A new thing to learn tough. This was the time I got the experience; living far away from my family. Hostel life. I enjoyed very much! The wardens: Cikgu Roslina, Cikgu Rosfazlinda, Cikgu Adam, Cikgu Azdalila, Cikgu Nasyitah, Cikgu Arni, Cikgu Elen, Cikgu Salina..You guys are great! Dorm Bijasura and Tun Mamat, I miss you so much! And to Cikgu Norlin and Cikgu Suriani, jom keluar makan!!!

Institut Perguruan Kota Bharu

Institut Pendidikan Guru Caw. Kota Bharu

A place where I proudly say, my mother's hometown. Kelantan Darul Naim. IPKB, where I did my TESL foundation and my praktikum soon, Insyaallah. DD6 (my room), miss u damn much! To all lectures, miss you too! :) Sweet memories in L8 (my class). Lots of activities done here. From the choir to the theatre production. Miss the momments.

Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

A place where I'm doing my degree. UiTM di hatiku. Many new friends are met and I enjoy to be here. UiTM di hatiku! :)  And for those who are looking for me, I'm here. Hehehehe. In Seksyen 17, to be specific. 

Ok folks. That's all for now. It's like The Chronicles of Azim Saidon, right??! I'm very proud to be part of those logos! Ok then. See you in my next post ya, Insyaallah. Bye. Salam. 8:28 AM, Teusday, 21 July 2009.


  1. la..ingatkan nk mencipta logo utk..
    rupeny ko nk cite logo2 yg terbabit dlm idop ko..

    mahazir lokman komen pon nk kecoh satu kampong..
    tu blm lagi kalo obama komen~

  2. Logo2 dalam hidupku la pana...
    Mesti lah, dato' mahadzir lokman individu yang best!
    Mestilah bangge beb!
    Bukan selalu orang yang hebat nak tinggalkan komen kat kita yang bisa2 ni..tak gitu??! Cewah

  3. nape tidak terdapat logo skola aminuddin baki? logo majusco LG?

  4. Sebab saya tak sekolah kat situ??! huh??!

  5. wah, saya yakin saudara ini seorang yang rajin, amanah, cekal, berdedikasi serta cergas. tidak seperti saya dahulu

  6. nice post azim,i mean very nice,truly from your heart, n i know u proud of it, to be there and learned so many new things.

    so,all the best azim.
    kenanglah tmpat jatuh dn bermain,
    suka suka suka.


  7. Thanks naem!!!
    Thanks so much! =)

  8. ya ya..i pon sangat ingat dengan cikgu roslina kalau dekat hostel dulu..woh woh kecut perut kan..?hehe

  9. adeh..teringt kenangan kecik2 ms kt tadika,sekolah agama and sek seri bali.even ms di sini sekejp,but the memory alwiz in my mind lor..miss my youth day.huhu


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