The Boy with The Two Special Letters

In The Name of Allah, the Most Beneficient and Merciful.

Salam folks! We meet again! How are you mates?! Are you guys enjoying your holidays? I bet YES, kan??! OK, now I wanna share a story about me being a substitute teacher for a month during semester break, 3 years ago. Yup, a TEACHER. :P
It was Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampong Tenang, 30 minutes away from my home and it needed me to wake up early. hehehe. The feeling for the first time? Nak tau? Wow! Scared, happy, excited, nervous and so on . . . I got lots of experience during my time with the students and teachers. Such a sweet memory! especially during my last day teaching this school. The teachers made a special ceremony for me beb! We had a very special lunch that day and I could not forget when all the students ran towards me to shake hands! Wow, at that time I tell you, I felt like I was a celebrity. hehehehe :P Then, I got two special letters; from the pupils that I taught. One letter from the boys and the other one from the girls. I still keep this letter in my book! Here they go:

From the boys:

Cikgu kenapa cikgu nak pindah? kenapa cikgu tak nak ajar kami? kami tahu kami semua budak yang nakal. maafkanlah kami semua. halalkanlah hadiah yang cikgu bagi tadi. Terima kasih kerana mengajar kami semua. nanti datanglah melawat kami. daripada semua budak lelaki. balas. Selamat tinggal ser azim.

From the girls:

Kehadapan Sir iaitu Mohd Azim Bin Saidon. Semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki. Sir, terima kasih kerana telah mengajar kami semua. Walaupun pelajaran Matematik tiada siapa mendapat gred A dan ramai yang tidak lulus. Kami memohon ampun dan maaf sekiranya kami membuat salah kepada sir. Halalkan makan minum kami semua. Kami harap sir berjaya dengan kerjaya sir. Kami semua harap sir bahagia di samping keluarga yang tercinta. Kami mahu sir akan kembali ke sekolah ini semua. Kami ada sedikit pantun di bawah.
Sekian sahaja yang dapat saya ucapkan.
Kalau ada sumur diladang,
Boleh kita menumpang mandi,
Kalau ada umur yang panjang,
Boleh kami semua berjumpa sir lagi.

Sweet, right? So sweet. Insha' Allah, kalau Sir ada masa Sir datang lagi kat sana! :-)

My presents for Hari Guru.
I still remember one of the pupils gave me the present when I first arrived in the school, just about to get out from the car.

The teachers

Such a wonderful time at SK Kampung Tenang. Yes, it really potrays the name of the school to me. It's so tenang! FYI, Tenang has 4 pools of hot spring (If I'm not mistaken), at Kolam Air Panas Tenang. Wanna come?! My pleasure!

OK, then, if you guys have time, watch these movies; Pizza My Heart and Enemy Inside. 2 thumbs up! Pizza My Heart is about two families who hate each other but it turns out that their son and daughter fall in love. Camne tuh??! Enemy Within tells us about a blind girl who faces hard time with dangerous prisoners who manage to escape themselves. Oh, sorry folks. I can't find the poster for Enemy Within.

OK, that's all for now. Thanks to you! Yes, you who always read and follow my blog. Thanks so much! See ya! Oh, btw, I've watched New Moon. It was good! OK then, bye. 02nd December, 2009. 11:46 PM.
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