The Boy with The Most Wanted Perfume

Salam peeps! I think this is the fastest update that I post after my last post, if you see what I try to make you see what I see. hehehe. Oh, my practicum updates. Eh, I've finished my practicum. Aww, miss my practicum moments! My kids, how are you doing. Good Luck for your final, okay? I haven't unwrapped your gifts yet as I will do so when I'm back in Johor. :)

Oh, back to the topic. Jap, I try to be cool in writing my blog, like my students do, but I can't. Sir tak reti la, Miss Walker, Mr TS and Miss SurayaTakSewel. You guys are super duper cool! Oh, back to the perfume, yes, currently I'm using Paris Hilton's Collection. Why? "It's really hot. I mixed all these scents together and when a guy wears it, it smells so good." - Paris Hilton. See? Nah, currently I have two of her fragrance line collection; Paris Hilton for Men (2004) and Just Me for Men by Paris Hilton (2005). Now, I really wanna have her Heir by Paris Hilton (2006). Yup, I'm left 3 years behind, still, I want it! :)

2 Jumaat lagi habes dah ni.

Habis dipakai dengan jayanya.

Dalam Pencarian

Folks, that's all for now. Thanks for reading ya. Take Care! See ya! Monday, November 08, 2010. 8:36 PM.

The Boy with The Lovely Presents

Salam peeps. How are you guys doing? Finally, I have my chance to update my Miss. This post is specially dedicated to my students of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kubang Kerian 1. Thanks so much people! Time flies so damn fast, kan? It's already 3 months / 12 weeks. Lots of sweet memories that I can't forget until my last breath. You people are super duper nice! Thanks for the presents too! Sayang nak buka!

Thanks so much students!

I will not forget these faces:

Jejaka 2 Adil yang sentiasa pemalu

Gegadis 2 Adil yang santun dan ayu :)

Jejaka Bestari yang sudah berpunya. Hehehe

Smile peeps! :)

Gegadis Bestari yang pemalu :P

Ok peeps, you know what, I've collected my own trivia during my practicum time. Enjoy reading it. Saje suka suka. :)

1. I worn the same shirt and tie for my first and last day (Maroon Renoma) Sweet kan? :P
2. Oh, SMKKK1 was Misha Omar's secondary school. (Patut aku rase aura selebriti aku kuat) :P
3. Being called "Pak" and Sir Jojo more than Sir Azim. hahaha
4. One of the students brought me a newspaper cutting about Andrew Andika's news. Hehehe
5. I was nearly fell down at the stairs in front of GIRL STUDENTS and luckily I wasn't. Selamat!
6. One of the students greeted me "Assalamualaikum Ustaz". (Muka bercahaya kot, hehe)
I used nine types of different perfumes each time I went to SMKKK1.
8. Most of the students thought that I was from Indonesia. hehehe

To students, with love :)

I love this moments!!! I love this moments!!! I love this moments!!! Students, you take care! :)
10:58 AM, Thursday, November 4, 2010.

The Boy with The Simplest Post

Hey there. Yes, here she is. I heart you, Calista Flockhart a.k.a Kitty Walker (Brothers and Sisters). Am now watching the second season of B&S! You are super duper damn adorable & hot. Kecil molek ja! I heart you! Oh, Kak Flockhart, one of my students looks like you, like seriously. hehe

Aww! :)


Panas & Pedas

That's all for now. See, I told ya, the simplest post that I've written so far. :P
12:41 AM, Thursday, October 14, 2010.

The Boy with The Raya Edition

Salam peeps. It's about time for a new post. Yeah, thanks for waiting. haha. :P
Syawal has passed and InshaAllah till we meet again ya Syawal :)
Talking about Syawal, Raya, Lebaran and you name it, food is a must. Rite?! Plus open houses here and there. Food, food and food. Oh, how much I love Raya! Yeah, I went two to special Raya invitations; Cohort 4 Raya Lebaran Meriah (sesuka hati aku bagi nama) and Jamuan Raya at SMKKK 1. Oh, actually my Baju Raya for this year is purple, but I dunno, I prefer this silver more, which is my Baju Raya for the past 2 or 3 years, I think.

Cohort 4 Raya Lebaran Meriah

We ate satay that night. Super duper delicious. That's all I can say. :)

With Istana Kuning folks.

I told you, how sweet my smile is, right? hehe

With Ma.

Teacher Azreem, Sir Ramzi, Sir Azim

HAHAHA. You can laugh, people! :P

Jamuan Raya at SMKKK 1

Thanks to all of you, people of SMKK 1. I really enjoyed the food! :)

Delicious! I mean the food, not me. :P

"Which camera should I look at?" Yeah, that was my dialogue. Muhahaha
Koya la Sir!
Yeah, that was the students' monologue

Bersama peminat-peminat cilik Form 2 Bestari. hehe

Gegadis Form 2 Budi.

Practicum update? Oh, 4 weeks to go. How fast time flies. kan? Ok, that's all for now. Take care! 10:34 PM, Saturday, October 09, 2010.

The Boy with The New Imported Novel and The Not-So-New Series

Salam peeps! Hey there, I'm back! I'm back with a big smile. Big smile huh? Why? It's because I'm happy. Why am I happy? It's because I have you, people! ( Sila rasa terharu sekarang) :P
Alhamdulillah, life goes on really well. Yeah, plus the ups and downs, still, it goes on really well. Ups and downs are part of life, people!

Okies, I wanna share my new novel with you peeps. Negeri 5 Menara. Specially imported for me from Indonesia. It's's about...well, I haven't started reading it yet..hehe..Can't wait to read it. Makasi banget deh Pak Syam atas bukunya! National Best Seller ok.

Aha, now I'm following Brothers and Sisters. Yeah, I've only started the first season. I'm so left behind as this series is now in its fourth season. Seriously, I love the conflicts and the complicatedness of these Walkers. Kitty Walker, you are such an adorable person. Oh, one of my students looks like you, seriously! 2 Bestari, to be exact. hehehe. Am trying my best to accomplish its first season. Season 2, I'm coming!

That's all for now peeps. Oh, Practicum update! 6 words, I Love My Practicum and Students. That's all I can say! :) Take care. 5:28 PM, Saturday, October 02, 2010.

The Boy with The Sweet September.

Salam, Hello there!

Wow, I miss you, Miss Blog, so so much. Am so sorry for the late update. Worry not, Miss, cause I have prepared lots of words for you today, which I've been keeping it since Ramadhan, aha, believe it or not! hehehe. Seriously, I love September this year! Four beautiful moments happen!

Home Sweet Home.

After two months of not going back to Chaah, finally I met Chaah. Eh, Chaah met me! Hehehe. To eat your mom's cooking is the best thing that you can ever have in the world. I ate boiled tapioca plus my mum's Sambal Tumis which I haven't eaten it for a quite sometime. Sumpah sedap! Oh, thanks to Aswad Shukor for the tapioca! Aku tak kan lupe mase kau jatoh mase cabut ubi!
Then I went to watch Grown Ups alone. Yeah, I love the story line and start to imagine meeting my friends, BEST friends in ten or twenty years from now, when they bring their spouses and children to the reunion. What about me then?

Bukti aku pergi cabut ubi, boleh?


Eid Mubarak.

Aidilfitri Hari Bahagia! Selamat Hari Raya people! Alhamdulillah. This photo is specially taken for you people, seriously, on the first day of Syawal. (Ok, sila muntah).

Segak berbaju Melayu, konsepnya.

Mohd Azim Saidon's Birthday. 14 September 1987

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you so much for your birthday wishes dear friends. Thanks for the Wall Post, SMSes and Inbox. 14 September rocks! For those present givers (you know who you are), thanks so much! Miss Penguin, Mr Batik and Miss Chick. :)
, lots of presents to come? Oh, thanks! hehe. I was in Kedah on this day and I went to watch Piranha with Shafiq Aziz at Plaza Jitra. Now I've found a new spot to go when I go back to my dad's hometown, Kodiang, Jitra, Kedah. Yeay!!!

14-09-2010, I am 23 years old. :)


Yes! Practicum update. Six weeks have passed, another six weeks to go. Being in school is so just enjoyable, trust me! Being called Pak Jojo or Sir Jojo can now be accepted. (Sila muntah lagi). Hehehe.

It's Purple Day

This is what we call, Guru Cemerlang's desk.

I think that's all for now deh. Thanks you so much to you, readers! See you soon! :) Salam. 1:36 AM, Friday, September 24, 2010.

The Boy with The Blog Award

Salam. Hey there! Happy fasting peeps! Time flies so fast. It's already a week we've been fasting. I've already bouught Raya cards for my friends. Yeah, even we have e-cards nowadays, but for me sending Raya cards with stems on it, it just feels so Raya-ish, kan?! Oh, how I miss selling Kuih Raya! Btw, can't wait to go home to celebrate raya! Yeaha! Cha'ah, I'll meet you then!

Oh, thanks so much to Ms Pijuk, for the blog award! :)

I wanna share this award with my friends too. Ramzi and Azie. Here you go!

Thanks so much again, Miss Pijuk for this beautiful caligraphy. Mohd Azim Saidon in Jawi. This is so beautiful! I assume this as my Ramadhan present! :)

Isn't it beautiful peeps?!

Ok, I think that's all for now. Oh ya, practicum updates- Alhamdulillah, so far so good! :)
See ya! 3:27 PM, Wednesday, August 18, 2010.

The Boy with The Most Wanted Penguins.

Salam. Hello there! My last post was on the 22nd of July, so this is my first post in August. Welcome August! Wow, Ramadhan is just around the corner! Can't wait to have you Mr Ramadhan!

Ok, practicum updates:

i) I love SMK Kubang Kerian 1; Selalu dan Sentiasa No 1.
ii) I'm teaching two Form 2 classes. 2 Adil & 2 Bestari.
2 Adil consists of 18 students and 2 Bestari has 34 students.

iii) Answering students' Salam is the best thing of being an educator!
iv) Potato People? Wow, I answered this novel in PMR, now here I am, teaching this novel.
v) One week has passed. Another 11 weeks to go. Go Azim!

Ok, back to the title of the post. The Most Wanted Penguins huh?! I wanted to have this since I was 3, 4, 5? It was very hard to find this thing and quite expensive back then. Now, it's everywhere! RM 29.90! Siap ingat harga sekali nih! I love watching these penguins! InshaAllah, one of them will be mine! or, oh, you want to buy it for me? Thanks so much! :P
Here's the Penguins:

How cute am I, if I have this one, at my age right?! Awwww! :p Oh, I'm 23. Even Joey has his Mr Hugsy. hehehe. Ok peeps, that's all for now. Lesson Plan is calling me. :P See ya! You, take care! Salam. 11:22, Saturday, August 07, 2010.

The Boy with The Two Special Therapies.

Salam peeps! Yeaha! I'm back! Wow, I miss blogging! Yes, as stated at my FB status, currently I'm doing my practicum in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kubang Kerian 1, Kelantan Darul Naim. You know what, KFC and Mydin Mall are just a step away from my school. Nice spots to drop by after teaching session huh ;p. I'm doing my ROS (Rancangan Orentasi Sekolah) for two weeks to get familiar with the school. It's not ROS like Ross Geller huh! Btw, I'm still and will be watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and F.R.I.E.N.D.S !!! It's my therapy, I guess :P

Bing, Green, Geller & Geller, Tribbiani and Buffay!

I tell you, I love this school and I enjoy relief classes! Can't wait to start teaching next week! It's really exciting when you wake up, get dresses SMARTLY, spray your different perfumes every day to smell differently, WOW and arrive at the school looking at the students' and other teachers' faces. Such a great therapy! Wow, I have two therapies for the time being, hehe. Oh, presenting, my school:

I hope I will perform my teaching practice well and get good result, InshaAllah. Good luck to all ED 220 practicum teachers and to all of you who are doing your practical. :) See ya in the next post. Take care! Salam. 927 AM Thursday, July 22, 2010.


The Boy with The First Post in Kota Bharu

Salam. Hey there! Feewit! Mohd Azim Bin Saidon has not updated his blog for quite sometime. I know why! He was spending his quality time during his semester break. What I can tell you peeps, he was busy watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S for the nth time. For those who are looking for him, he is now in Kelantan and will be doing his practicum in one of the schools in Kota Bharu soon. The name of the school is still a big secret, I can't tell you because he doesn't allow me to do so. Good Luck Azim. For the time being, he allows me to tell you about his rented house in Pengkalan Chepa. Wow, just look at these photos:

Chef at Home, yes, he loves to watch that show! :P

A place for him to spend his time with friends.


He says this place reminds him of the set in F.R.I.E.N.D.S at Central Perk.

Ok peeps. Thanks ya for spending your time. Mohd Azim Saidon sends his regards to you and he will be back soon with his latest story. Take care peeps! :) Sunday, 5:17 PM, June 27, 2010.

The Boy with The World Book Day

Assalamualaikum peeps! Yeaha! Welcome Mr Sem Break! I’ve been waiting you for a long time and now... I announce my break is officially started. Lots of great things happened this May and the sad thing is, bye bye Shah Alam. It's been a wonderful experience to know you and…and…the sweet moment in front of Bintang Fashion will be remembered until my last breath! :P Mr Kelantan, wait for me ok! Practicum?!?! Takot!

Ok, mode for me to be poetic suddenly comes. Here we go:

Broga Hill dah ku daki,

Sungai Gabai dah ku tempuhi,

Ice skating da ku rasai,

Pulau Redang dah ku nikmati,

KL dah ku jelajahi,

Kini Indonesia ku nanti-nanti.

Wow, I can be a poet! Yeah, I am! I’ve told you about Broga & Gabai in my previous post plus the photos kan, now I wanna show you my next photos; Redang & around KL.

Terengganu Darul Iman (Redang Island & Sekayu Waterfall)

Nasi Minyak Terengganu! Super Duper Delicious!!!

Hello there!

At Kelulut with Shafiq Aziz

Snorkeling time!

What a beautiful Redang!

Ramzi, look! Wan nak tangkap gambar kite!

Jagung Bakar!!!


Kuala Lumpur (Museum & KLCC & Ice Skating)


With Cek Yam. Great experience rite, Yam?!

With Cet

Coffin Exhibition, National Meuseum.

Bersama rakan-rakan rombongan

ASEAN Exhibition, National Museum.

PS: Thanks so much to Shafiq Aziz, Ridhwan Isa, Zainuddin Embong and Syafrien for the photos!!!

Oh, back to the topic, world book day. Are you celebrating this world book day folks? Even though it has ended, but still, every day is world book day rite :P. In conjunction to support this world book day, (in conjunction katenye), I’ve bought seven novels! Yeaha!!! Can’t wait to read them. Currently I’m reading The Last Song by Nicholas Spark. Love the story line! Next will be Mr Dahl’s Collections and Three Cups of Tea! Time for me to be a cute little boy. :P


Ok folks, that’s all for now. Enjoy your sem break and get ready for the results! J Take care. Salam. 12:15 pm, Tuesday, May 25, 2010.
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