The Boy with The 3Gs

In The Name of Allah, the Most Beneficient and Merciful.

Assalamualaikum. Happy New Year folks! Finally, I'm back. Heheheh. Wow, time flies so fast rite! Semester break has come to its end and new semester is waiting for us at the faculty's gate. Ok people, I wanna share my activities during this semester break. Lots of activities, I tell you. Hehehe. Watching movies, went back to Jitra, spending times with friends at Bekok Waterfall and the most important thing, ngeteh (chit chatting while sipping a cup of coffee or any drinks) most of the nights! We do have our favourite spots. If you come to Chaah, you'll know Thaif and Kedai Cikgu Zul. Those are our favourite places. Come to Chaah then!

Oh btw, what does 3Gs have to do with this??! Taraa! 3Gs stands for 3 Gemok! Wow, what a long story to tell. Ok, make it simple. My best friends and I, we were .... we were....(we are too, kot) fat when we were in our primary and secondary school. (Wad ngan Am, bocor rahsia kita!!!). Those were the days and we love it! 3 of, such a sweet memory! Now, I present you, the 3Gs!

Azim Saidon.
Current weight: 75 kg
Current height: 175.5 cm / 5 ft 9.1 inch
B.M.I : 25.3
Maxis and Celcom user
Single. Yes.

Aswad Shukor, 23 years old.
Single ek?
UiTM Shah Alam, Degree of Photography

Muhammad Aminuddin Jumaat
UiTM Segamat
Degree of Finance
23 years old
Single. Yes.

These are the people that always spend time with me. I've known them since I was in primary school. What a long time. Can't wait to see them get married. Hehehehe. Oh, know what, I'm really happy that finally I manage to find my favourite pen that I've been using for 9 years! It's very hard to find it nowadays. If you know the spot to find it, do tell me. I love to use it. It's very..... I don't know, I love it! Simple and nice. It's BIC Fine 0.7 France.

I Love You!

O.K folks, that's all for now. Happy New Year, Happy New Semester. Take care! See ya! Salam. 9:55, 2nd of January, 2010.


  1. nk s0nlaP 3g niyh leyh x..tenaga korg dperlukan tok jd mentara..hahahaha..
    s0 sweet lorhh..

  2. Hehehe....
    bisa aja dong
    tapi tambang pergi balek kami harusnya di belanja! :P

  3. Hehehe..yup 3G. tak percaya ka?! :P

  4. this is twisted! I thought the word 3G represents the 3G communication. Luckily i read the whole story. hehe :)

  5. Hehehe...tu la top.mesti ramai yg terkeliru nanti! BTW, da simpan dvd The Apprentice dalam beg da, utk top. :) takot tertinggal. hehe

  6. salam saudara, trimas kerna sudi meninggalkan komentar di blog saya, salam kenal kembali!

  7. Wah,terima kasih ya saudara Ramzi. hehehe

  8. baguih..promote diri habis2an.
    satu cara yg fofuler utk mcari judus

  9. gebu..gemuk gempal?

    xberapa nak gebu ni

  10. terbaek promot diri..:P
    X gebu pon.ngeh3..
    btw,thanks for visiting me blog, cik Bungakopi :)


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