The Boy with The New Semester

Salam. Hello people! Hello New Semester! Hello Part 6!
My 4 previous posts were written when I was in my lovely Chaah and now, here I am, in Shah Alam, writing the latest post. Woaa, miss Chaah so much, especially my ngeteh time with the 3Gs. Am & Wad, kapan ke Genting nih?! Wow, can't believe that I'm a part 6 student now. Next semester? Practicum. Then, my final sem.....then, Taraaa! There you go! Assalamualaikum Sir Azim. :P InshaAllah. I hope it goes well. Pray for me ya teman-teman. Oh, these are my subjects for this semester. Taraa:

1. Methodology of Teaching Grammar
2. Methodology of Teaching Literature
3. Methodology of Teaching Writing
4. Asian Literature
5. Introduction to Shakespeare
6. Classroom Management
7. Second Language Acquisition

Ok, that's all about my new semester. Now, a hot gossip! Hot la sangat!hehehe. My friends and I went to Selangor Medical Center to visit Mira a.k.a Miya. Cian Miya. For further info, go and ask Mira herself. Hehehe

Penulis (berbaju merah) bersama rakan-rakan.

Penulis, (berkaca mata hitam) bersama rakan-rakan lagi.

Then, yesterday, (Saturday) I went to Auditorium DBKL to watch Whoa Willow. Wow, 2 thumbs up guys! Mantap! I really enjoyed it! You should watch it! Yes, you, you and you!
O.K folks, that's all for now. Take care and see ya in me next post! Salam. 10/01/2010, 1:59 PM. Oh BTW, I'm still waiting for KCB Ep 2 and I miss Jakarta and Bandung so much! :(


  1. Salam saudara,
    Wah! bertambah menarik penulisan saudara disini!, apa - apa pun, saya cukup berminat dengan gaya penulian saudara, Keep up the good work!, dan Good luck for your current semester okay?? Hola, Hola, Hola!

  2. wsalam... waaa bestnya pegi whoa willow! sobs sobs..

  3. Saudara Ramzi,
    Terima kasih ya di atas komen yg membina itu. Good luck juga utk semester baru en ramzi ya. hola hola hola hola!

    Top: Best top! rugi x g :)

  4. How come I can't view the photos? oh well...all the best!!

  5. Afiq: Seriously??! Nvm, InshaAllah u can see the photos now. Dah jampi.. hehehe :)

  6. InshaAllah..thanks ms notso_violet seindah bunga seri pagi :)

  7. Salam Bg Azim....Kak Mira sakit ape ek sampai masuk spital????Risau nih....sbg adeq.....


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