The Boy with The Second Post on March.

Salamualaikum W.B.T
Finally, the latest post is out! It takes time you know, for me to give it a title! The title is not bad btw, kan!
Alhamdulillah, life goes on so well and I hope yours as well.
This Mr March really wants to see me busy, I guess, but I enjoy it very much! Thanks Mr March!
Ha guys, have you read Travelog Haji? I love this book so much! You should read this too! This book has been published like two or three years ago but I've just read it recently. Rugi tak beli dari awal dulu! It contains lots of positive messages contained! And currently I'm reading Dalam Mihrab Cinta. Manteb banget!
Ok, as usual, time to discuss about main topic here ok, photos! Hehehe. These are some photos taken during my March. My brother's wedding, spending time with friends and Ramzi, thanks for your Lulu!

Ya, sayalah pengapit berCROCS merah. :)

Again, I love my CROCS! Yeaha!!!

With my Yamanese friends and my junior. I mean, junior in size. Hahaha! :P

Thanks Lulu for the pics!!!

Ok peeps, that's all for now! See ya in me next post!!! Salam! 7:34 AM, Wednesday, March 17, 2010.

The Boy with The Lights

Salam & Hello there!

Feewit! How are you peeps?! :)
I can't believe it's already March. Time flies so fast kan!
Ok peeps, what time is it now?
It's Photo Time! haha!
Yup, wanna show you my photos when I visited I City last Sunday. You, you and you people, should come here! Wow, seriously, come here and see these colourful lights yourselves! Such a wonderful panorama to look at night. White, yellow, blue , you-tell-me lights can be seen every where as though I was in Wonderland. Yes, Azim in Wonderland. Yuk, lihat fotonya!

This is what we call Cahaya Keimanan. :P

Wow, the height is almost the same! hahaha

The Hungry Ladies and The Delicious Boy [18 SG]

The One-Legged Ladies and The Sweet Boy [18 PL]

Taraa! Choose your colour!

Ok friends, that's all for now. Oh, there are 3 controversy photos taken! Wanna see it? I'll upload those in my FB album. hehehe. Rahsia beb! :P
Thanks so much for reading my blog and to followers, thank you so much! Hidup Blogger! Catch ya soon! Salam. Tuesday, March 02, 2010, 11:04 PM :)

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