The Boy with The Lights

Salam & Hello there!

Feewit! How are you peeps?! :)
I can't believe it's already March. Time flies so fast kan!
Ok peeps, what time is it now?
It's Photo Time! haha!
Yup, wanna show you my photos when I visited I City last Sunday. You, you and you people, should come here! Wow, seriously, come here and see these colourful lights yourselves! Such a wonderful panorama to look at night. White, yellow, blue , you-tell-me lights can be seen every where as though I was in Wonderland. Yes, Azim in Wonderland. Yuk, lihat fotonya!

This is what we call Cahaya Keimanan. :P

Wow, the height is almost the same! hahaha

The Hungry Ladies and The Delicious Boy [18 SG]

The One-Legged Ladies and The Sweet Boy [18 PL]

Taraa! Choose your colour!

Ok friends, that's all for now. Oh, there are 3 controversy photos taken! Wanna see it? I'll upload those in my FB album. hehehe. Rahsia beb! :P
Thanks so much for reading my blog and to followers, thank you so much! Hidup Blogger! Catch ya soon! Salam. Tuesday, March 02, 2010, 11:04 PM :)


  1. wah...meriahnya azim!

    sungguh2 bercahaya.
    gambar kontroversi?!apakah....

  2. Hehehe..meriah sgt naem.
    gambar controversi itu?
    hehe gambar main pondok2 ja:P

  3. last sunday?

    bumi ni kechik je
    same place n same time

    but different story

    i was there..heee


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