The Boy with The April Projects

Yeaha! I'm back after a long time rest, I guess. Wohoa! I can't believe it's already April. Final exam is just around the corner. Second Language Acquisition, I'll see you on 3rd May ok?! Takot!
One thing for sure, I'll be missing Part 6 so so much! Peeps, I've done fantastic activities in April! Even though it's just only a week of April, three important and exciting activities are done! Firstly, of course, the submission of assignments. Yeaha!!!! :) Then, our Shakespeare's Drama Presentation. My friends and I have finally performed our play based on Shakespeare's play; The Taming of The Shrew. We twist the characters and it becomes "The Wilding of The Sue". Guess what, a muscular woman tries to change a soft sissy man. You should have watched that peeps! It is so hilarious. We enjoy the performance very much and we hope A is with us :) . Then, last night, we went to Dataran Shah Alam for Kak Im and Ramzi's birthday celebration. I acted with both of them in the firs scene of the play. Ramzi was the sissy boy, Kak Im was the kepoh girl and I was a friend of that sissy boy, which meant we were the same. Hahaha. These are some of the photos taken:

The members for The Wilding of The Sue. Good job folks!

Happy Birthday Kak Im & Ramzi!


This is not candid. Heheheh

With the birthday girl. Feewit!

With the birthday boy. Serious gile muke?!

That's all for now peeps! I hope lots of interesting activities will be done in this April, InshaAllah. I really would like to go to Muzium Negara & Sunway Lagoon before I leave Shah Alam. Sound childish huh?! Tak kisah! :P See ya! Salam. 9:45 AM, Wednesday, April 07, 2010.


  1. salam saudara,
    wah makin meriah hidup saudara ya?
    makin lama akin menuju puncaknya (background lagu AF)

    apa hal sekali pun, saya igin mengucapkan selamat maju jaya untuk saudara dan kawan - kawan

    P/s, tolong kirimlan salam saya pada sissy boy itu ya?

  2. salam saudara ramzi. terima kasih atas ziarahnya ya!
    InshaAllah saya sampaikan salam saya pada teman itu. Saudara amat rugi jika ga lihat dia keluar dari bawah meja! sampai akhir hayat aku tak akan lupe part tu!!!!!!!


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