The Boy with The Top Stories in May

Salamualaikum WBT peeps! Feewit! How you doin' (with Joey's style) hehehe. Wow, time flies so fast and Mr Shah Alam, it's time for me to leave you :(
InshaAllah, we'll meet again ok!
I love this week so much! Thanks for these four unforgettable moments; Big Photo Event, Cohort 4's Grand Dinner, Broga Hill and Gabai Waterfall Expedition. Seriously, it takes time and pages to describe the excitement as there are lots to tell. Nah, let me keep it short, precise and sweet just for you guys! :)

Big Photo Event
Thanks so much ya for the photos! I really love it! Keep in touch ya my Mainstream & IPG Gaya friends! :)
PS: Azie Nazri & Nahsrah, thanks for the photos! :)

Right after SLA paper.

Sweet smiles :)

Cohort 4's Grand Dinner
Two thumbs up for the food! Sedap banget!


Sweet moment you guys! :)

Black & White Glamorous

With Taufik, Mr of the Night. Feewit Top!

Thanks Shah & Ridhwan for the photos! :)

Broga Hill
I love this expedition especially when you have the chance to look at the morning scenery. Subhanallah, sungguh indah bumimu ya Allah.

On our way to Semenyih. 3:00 AM I guess.

With roomie!

On my way to the peak, 4.00 a.m

Take five.

What a view! :)

Mee goreng + sambal sotong + ayam goreng + telur goreng + teh ais = TERBAEK!!!

Gabai Waterfall
Feel the excitement to slide in natural way! You will enjoy it until your last breath!

Where am I huh?!

You should try this slide!

The best slide ever.

Thanks Zainuddin, Kak Su, Shah & Leyl for the photos! :)

That's all for now. Redang, watch out! I'm coming! :) Salam. 2:39 AM, Friday, May 07, 2011.


  1. awww.. complete review ek. haha..
    May is full with memorable activities.
    malas nak update blog. byk sgt nak update. haha ;p

  2. hehehe..tau x pe top..banyak sangat reviewnye..macam duta pelancongan dah..muhahah..anyway top,safe journey ngan slamat berpraktikum ya! :)

  3. Salam saudara
    wah, banyak yach aktivitinay yg saudara buat sebelum sem berakhair.
    apa - apapun, good luck untuk praktikum ya?
    hola hola hola

  4. how bout me then? u never thank me for what ever i have done to you....gua nggak pnah nyangka loe betah berbuat gini, jo!

  5. Bel jangan bilang gitu kok!
    ku berterima kasi banget sama lho...tapi gua ga bisa tunjuk karna ramai mata memandang dan pastinya mereka jelous nanti sih. hehehe. ;p


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