The Boy with The World Book Day

Assalamualaikum peeps! Yeaha! Welcome Mr Sem Break! I’ve been waiting you for a long time and now... I announce my break is officially started. Lots of great things happened this May and the sad thing is, bye bye Shah Alam. It's been a wonderful experience to know you and…and…the sweet moment in front of Bintang Fashion will be remembered until my last breath! :P Mr Kelantan, wait for me ok! Practicum?!?! Takot!

Ok, mode for me to be poetic suddenly comes. Here we go:

Broga Hill dah ku daki,

Sungai Gabai dah ku tempuhi,

Ice skating da ku rasai,

Pulau Redang dah ku nikmati,

KL dah ku jelajahi,

Kini Indonesia ku nanti-nanti.

Wow, I can be a poet! Yeah, I am! I’ve told you about Broga & Gabai in my previous post plus the photos kan, now I wanna show you my next photos; Redang & around KL.

Terengganu Darul Iman (Redang Island & Sekayu Waterfall)

Nasi Minyak Terengganu! Super Duper Delicious!!!

Hello there!

At Kelulut with Shafiq Aziz

Snorkeling time!

What a beautiful Redang!

Ramzi, look! Wan nak tangkap gambar kite!

Jagung Bakar!!!


Kuala Lumpur (Museum & KLCC & Ice Skating)


With Cek Yam. Great experience rite, Yam?!

With Cet

Coffin Exhibition, National Meuseum.

Bersama rakan-rakan rombongan

ASEAN Exhibition, National Museum.

PS: Thanks so much to Shafiq Aziz, Ridhwan Isa, Zainuddin Embong and Syafrien for the photos!!!

Oh, back to the topic, world book day. Are you celebrating this world book day folks? Even though it has ended, but still, every day is world book day rite :P. In conjunction to support this world book day, (in conjunction katenye), I’ve bought seven novels! Yeaha!!! Can’t wait to read them. Currently I’m reading The Last Song by Nicholas Spark. Love the story line! Next will be Mr Dahl’s Collections and Three Cups of Tea! Time for me to be a cute little boy. :P


Ok folks, that’s all for now. Enjoy your sem break and get ready for the results! J Take care. Salam. 12:15 pm, Tuesday, May 25, 2010.


  1. i c!!
    That s ya,, oohh, ok then!
    Have no coment i think!
    eh,, wait,, umm, maybe...: jealous!
    Hmm :-?

  2. jealous? gua ga ngerti toh. hehehe :P

  3. nk anak penyu sekor?heheh....chumil.

    azim, try cari 'james n the giant peach' muvie version.naem dh tgok masa kt kelas.the lec asked us to watch the movie,interesting.imaginasi sgt cerita tu.try cari eh.

    1 more, try jugak cari another book by mr Dahl, jugak.naem dh dia pn best.

    apa2 pn, redang nmpak cool!jom jalan2.hehe...

  4. Redang sangat cool...lagi cool jadinya kerana dapat memwegang anak penyu!!hehehe..tak sabar dah nak bace James ni. currently tgh bace the last song. sangat best!!!!Redang?! jom!! :)

  5. redang is indeed beautiful. but the memories carved together with you will definitely be forever carved in my mind, heart and soul. :)

  6. dik, aku masih lagi seperti berenang dik....

  7. Cek Yam: awwwwwww!!!! so shueet!!! :) kenangan manis kau dan aku..tak kan terlupus..duri ranjau dalam bercinta..lumrah!?! hehehe

    Ramzi: wow,jangan kelemasan..nanti ada orang bagi CPR!!!

  8. wow. this is a summary is it?
    love the poem. very cool.

    happy hols azim. safe journey to indonesia ya. :D

  9. sayang menyayang,
    chenta dikenang,
    perasaan menjadi rendu.
    wah! githewww!

    akhir kata,
    Berchenta Sudah Lama; (Raisham, 2010)



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