The Boy with The Blog Award

Salam. Hey there! Happy fasting peeps! Time flies so fast. It's already a week we've been fasting. I've already bouught Raya cards for my friends. Yeah, even we have e-cards nowadays, but for me sending Raya cards with stems on it, it just feels so Raya-ish, kan?! Oh, how I miss selling Kuih Raya! Btw, can't wait to go home to celebrate raya! Yeaha! Cha'ah, I'll meet you then!

Oh, thanks so much to Ms Pijuk, for the blog award! :)

I wanna share this award with my friends too. Ramzi and Azie. Here you go!

Thanks so much again, Miss Pijuk for this beautiful caligraphy. Mohd Azim Saidon in Jawi. This is so beautiful! I assume this as my Ramadhan present! :)

Isn't it beautiful peeps?!

Ok, I think that's all for now. Oh ya, practicum updates- Alhamdulillah, so far so good! :)
See ya! 3:27 PM, Wednesday, August 18, 2010.

The Boy with The Most Wanted Penguins.

Salam. Hello there! My last post was on the 22nd of July, so this is my first post in August. Welcome August! Wow, Ramadhan is just around the corner! Can't wait to have you Mr Ramadhan!

Ok, practicum updates:

i) I love SMK Kubang Kerian 1; Selalu dan Sentiasa No 1.
ii) I'm teaching two Form 2 classes. 2 Adil & 2 Bestari.
2 Adil consists of 18 students and 2 Bestari has 34 students.

iii) Answering students' Salam is the best thing of being an educator!
iv) Potato People? Wow, I answered this novel in PMR, now here I am, teaching this novel.
v) One week has passed. Another 11 weeks to go. Go Azim!

Ok, back to the title of the post. The Most Wanted Penguins huh?! I wanted to have this since I was 3, 4, 5? It was very hard to find this thing and quite expensive back then. Now, it's everywhere! RM 29.90! Siap ingat harga sekali nih! I love watching these penguins! InshaAllah, one of them will be mine! or, oh, you want to buy it for me? Thanks so much! :P
Here's the Penguins:

How cute am I, if I have this one, at my age right?! Awwww! :p Oh, I'm 23. Even Joey has his Mr Hugsy. hehehe. Ok peeps, that's all for now. Lesson Plan is calling me. :P See ya! You, take care! Salam. 11:22, Saturday, August 07, 2010.
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