The Boy with The Sweet September.

Salam, Hello there!

Wow, I miss you, Miss Blog, so so much. Am so sorry for the late update. Worry not, Miss, cause I have prepared lots of words for you today, which I've been keeping it since Ramadhan, aha, believe it or not! hehehe. Seriously, I love September this year! Four beautiful moments happen!

Home Sweet Home.

After two months of not going back to Chaah, finally I met Chaah. Eh, Chaah met me! Hehehe. To eat your mom's cooking is the best thing that you can ever have in the world. I ate boiled tapioca plus my mum's Sambal Tumis which I haven't eaten it for a quite sometime. Sumpah sedap! Oh, thanks to Aswad Shukor for the tapioca! Aku tak kan lupe mase kau jatoh mase cabut ubi!
Then I went to watch Grown Ups alone. Yeah, I love the story line and start to imagine meeting my friends, BEST friends in ten or twenty years from now, when they bring their spouses and children to the reunion. What about me then?

Bukti aku pergi cabut ubi, boleh?


Eid Mubarak.

Aidilfitri Hari Bahagia! Selamat Hari Raya people! Alhamdulillah. This photo is specially taken for you people, seriously, on the first day of Syawal. (Ok, sila muntah).

Segak berbaju Melayu, konsepnya.

Mohd Azim Saidon's Birthday. 14 September 1987

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you so much for your birthday wishes dear friends. Thanks for the Wall Post, SMSes and Inbox. 14 September rocks! For those present givers (you know who you are), thanks so much! Miss Penguin, Mr Batik and Miss Chick. :)
, lots of presents to come? Oh, thanks! hehe. I was in Kedah on this day and I went to watch Piranha with Shafiq Aziz at Plaza Jitra. Now I've found a new spot to go when I go back to my dad's hometown, Kodiang, Jitra, Kedah. Yeay!!!

14-09-2010, I am 23 years old. :)


Yes! Practicum update. Six weeks have passed, another six weeks to go. Being in school is so just enjoyable, trust me! Being called Pak Jojo or Sir Jojo can now be accepted. (Sila muntah lagi). Hehehe.

It's Purple Day

This is what we call, Guru Cemerlang's desk.

I think that's all for now deh. Thanks you so much to you, readers! See you soon! :) Salam. 1:36 AM, Friday, September 24, 2010.
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