The Boy with The Simplest Post

Hey there. Yes, here she is. I heart you, Calista Flockhart a.k.a Kitty Walker (Brothers and Sisters). Am now watching the second season of B&S! You are super duper damn adorable & hot. Kecil molek ja! I heart you! Oh, Kak Flockhart, one of my students looks like you, like seriously. hehe

Aww! :)


Panas & Pedas

That's all for now. See, I told ya, the simplest post that I've written so far. :P
12:41 AM, Thursday, October 14, 2010.

The Boy with The Raya Edition

Salam peeps. It's about time for a new post. Yeah, thanks for waiting. haha. :P
Syawal has passed and InshaAllah till we meet again ya Syawal :)
Talking about Syawal, Raya, Lebaran and you name it, food is a must. Rite?! Plus open houses here and there. Food, food and food. Oh, how much I love Raya! Yeah, I went two to special Raya invitations; Cohort 4 Raya Lebaran Meriah (sesuka hati aku bagi nama) and Jamuan Raya at SMKKK 1. Oh, actually my Baju Raya for this year is purple, but I dunno, I prefer this silver more, which is my Baju Raya for the past 2 or 3 years, I think.

Cohort 4 Raya Lebaran Meriah

We ate satay that night. Super duper delicious. That's all I can say. :)

With Istana Kuning folks.

I told you, how sweet my smile is, right? hehe

With Ma.

Teacher Azreem, Sir Ramzi, Sir Azim

HAHAHA. You can laugh, people! :P

Jamuan Raya at SMKKK 1

Thanks to all of you, people of SMKK 1. I really enjoyed the food! :)

Delicious! I mean the food, not me. :P

"Which camera should I look at?" Yeah, that was my dialogue. Muhahaha
Koya la Sir!
Yeah, that was the students' monologue

Bersama peminat-peminat cilik Form 2 Bestari. hehe

Gegadis Form 2 Budi.

Practicum update? Oh, 4 weeks to go. How fast time flies. kan? Ok, that's all for now. Take care! 10:34 PM, Saturday, October 09, 2010.

The Boy with The New Imported Novel and The Not-So-New Series

Salam peeps! Hey there, I'm back! I'm back with a big smile. Big smile huh? Why? It's because I'm happy. Why am I happy? It's because I have you, people! ( Sila rasa terharu sekarang) :P
Alhamdulillah, life goes on really well. Yeah, plus the ups and downs, still, it goes on really well. Ups and downs are part of life, people!

Okies, I wanna share my new novel with you peeps. Negeri 5 Menara. Specially imported for me from Indonesia. It's's about...well, I haven't started reading it yet..hehe..Can't wait to read it. Makasi banget deh Pak Syam atas bukunya! National Best Seller ok.

Aha, now I'm following Brothers and Sisters. Yeah, I've only started the first season. I'm so left behind as this series is now in its fourth season. Seriously, I love the conflicts and the complicatedness of these Walkers. Kitty Walker, you are such an adorable person. Oh, one of my students looks like you, seriously! 2 Bestari, to be exact. hehehe. Am trying my best to accomplish its first season. Season 2, I'm coming!

That's all for now peeps. Oh, Practicum update! 6 words, I Love My Practicum and Students. That's all I can say! :) Take care. 5:28 PM, Saturday, October 02, 2010.
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