The Boy with The Raya Edition

Salam peeps. It's about time for a new post. Yeah, thanks for waiting. haha. :P
Syawal has passed and InshaAllah till we meet again ya Syawal :)
Talking about Syawal, Raya, Lebaran and you name it, food is a must. Rite?! Plus open houses here and there. Food, food and food. Oh, how much I love Raya! Yeah, I went two to special Raya invitations; Cohort 4 Raya Lebaran Meriah (sesuka hati aku bagi nama) and Jamuan Raya at SMKKK 1. Oh, actually my Baju Raya for this year is purple, but I dunno, I prefer this silver more, which is my Baju Raya for the past 2 or 3 years, I think.

Cohort 4 Raya Lebaran Meriah

We ate satay that night. Super duper delicious. That's all I can say. :)

With Istana Kuning folks.

I told you, how sweet my smile is, right? hehe

With Ma.

Teacher Azreem, Sir Ramzi, Sir Azim

HAHAHA. You can laugh, people! :P

Jamuan Raya at SMKKK 1

Thanks to all of you, people of SMKK 1. I really enjoyed the food! :)

Delicious! I mean the food, not me. :P

"Which camera should I look at?" Yeah, that was my dialogue. Muhahaha
Koya la Sir!
Yeah, that was the students' monologue

Bersama peminat-peminat cilik Form 2 Bestari. hehe

Gegadis Form 2 Budi.

Practicum update? Oh, 4 weeks to go. How fast time flies. kan? Ok, that's all for now. Take care! 10:34 PM, Saturday, October 09, 2010.

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