The Boy with The New Imported Novel and The Not-So-New Series

Salam peeps! Hey there, I'm back! I'm back with a big smile. Big smile huh? Why? It's because I'm happy. Why am I happy? It's because I have you, people! ( Sila rasa terharu sekarang) :P
Alhamdulillah, life goes on really well. Yeah, plus the ups and downs, still, it goes on really well. Ups and downs are part of life, people!

Okies, I wanna share my new novel with you peeps. Negeri 5 Menara. Specially imported for me from Indonesia. It's's about...well, I haven't started reading it yet..hehe..Can't wait to read it. Makasi banget deh Pak Syam atas bukunya! National Best Seller ok.

Aha, now I'm following Brothers and Sisters. Yeah, I've only started the first season. I'm so left behind as this series is now in its fourth season. Seriously, I love the conflicts and the complicatedness of these Walkers. Kitty Walker, you are such an adorable person. Oh, one of my students looks like you, seriously! 2 Bestari, to be exact. hehehe. Am trying my best to accomplish its first season. Season 2, I'm coming!

That's all for now peeps. Oh, Practicum update! 6 words, I Love My Practicum and Students. That's all I can say! :) Take care. 5:28 PM, Saturday, October 02, 2010.


  1. cintaku bukan di atas kertas...

  2. Heheh..makasi banget deh azie. kisah 5 menara ni klu tak salah kisah benar penulisnya masa dia belajar kat pondok. ga sabar nak membaca :)

  3. Negeri lima menara tu cover dgn tajuk die dah nampak menarik dah.


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