The Boy with The Last Post in January 2011

Live from Chaah, Segamat, Johor, presenting; Mohd Azim Saidon!

Yeay! Salam peeps. Yup, I’m at Chaah now, spending my gold time here. I went back by train and as usual, the sensation of being one of Harry Potter’s friends who meets him in the train is part of my routine in the train, gitu. Hehe. Alhamdulillah, the journey was good and thanks so much, Senandung Timuran. I reached Segamat at 7++ AM and I loved its morning view.


Ha, the best part; Ayaq Bah. Wohoa, this is my second time facing this Mr Flood. Ayo, Chaah has turned into water fair! Luckily this Mr F didn’t want to stop by inside my house. Thanks though for visiting my front and back part of me house. Hehe. Oh, I cannot forget this one moment, when I saw a frying pan joyfully spinning and moving on the water surface during the flood. Sangat lawak ok! Ku tertawa sendirian! How I wish I record it. Aish.

This was taken last night, about 10++ PM

Oh, thanks Azie and Zubaidah for tagging me these photos. I do love them. Arnab Society and Birthday Celebration. The Arnab Society photo was taken two weeks before during our gotong royong. This birthday party, bile ek?

Tomeinye. Hehe

Who's birthday was it? Saya lupa.

Oh, I’ve started buying groceries for Istana Kuning now! Dah ada dapur!! Yeay!!

Banyaknya barang. (Eh, comelnya jari).

Oh, this is not for Istana Kuning. This is my last minute shopping. :)

There you go, the last post for this January 2011. February 2011 is just around the sharp corner. Time to go now. See ya! 9:37 PM. Monday, January 31, 2011.

The Boy with The Blogging Aura

Peace be upon you, friends.

I think my aura is back! My blogging aura, to be exact. To write more than three posts in a month is a big achievement, at least for me. So aura, please you, do not leave me again! You make me feel like this is my first time blogging when I’m so excited to write lots and lots of stories. I love this moment. Yeay!

Let’s start this fifth post for January now! I had my Literature for Children and Young Adults class yesterday, and we were discussing about the world of adolescent, I would say. Mdm Nori gave us five questions and we were asked to share the answers with our friends. I love the questions, seriously! It brings me back to the environment of a younger Mohd Azim Bin Saidon. Oh, I just realized, I’m 24 years old! 24? Muda lagi! :P

O.K, back to the questions. The questions asked were:

1. The definition of adolescent.

We agreed that adolescent is individuals who are between 13 to 19 years old.

2. Five wonderful things that happened during your adolescent period.

i. I got a pair of roller blades for my birthday! I still have it now!

ii. My handwriting is beautiful and neat, according to my teachers and friends la

iii. I was chosen as the best ‘pemantun’ when I was in Form 3. Feewit!

iv. After years, I finally managed to reach Genting Highlands! I went there with my Chinese friends. Yes, I started to apply 1 Malaysia spirit a long time ago. Kudos to me J

v. Had crisis with friends. Trust me, you had this one to! Tak kawan for few days, then finally sent letter to apologize and there you go; now you are friends back. Yeah, these are the things that make us smile when we reminisce our sweet remembrance, kan?!

3. Three ‘horror’ things/events that you have experienced. I like this part!

i. This incident happened when I was doing my morning business. (You know what it is!) While I was concentrating doing my business, a spider, I would say a quite-big spider, no; it was a BIG spider, crawled happily behind my back. Which part? You tell me.

ii. My lung or heart was swollen and I had difficulties each time I wanted to breathe. It was super painful and I could not sleep! This was because I used a heavy ball when I played bowling in the morning. Well, that was my first time playing bowling, so, I just took the ball and had fun. Hehe. Oh, kumpul duit sekolah ok pergi main kat Batu Pahat!

iii. This is the best part. My friends and I were caned by Ustaz Harun because we were playing and laughing in the surau. It happened when I was in Form 1. Yeah, I deserve it! Sekarang dah tak buat tau!

4. Four books you have read during your adolescent period.

i. Singapore Ghost Stories. ( I read it at my school library)

ii. Diari Bonda (My sister’s novel)

iii. Saka (My sister’s novel)

iv. Of course, our literature component! (Hak Kerajaan)

5. Two people that you knew that have influenced you.

The first one would be Mr Donald Trump. I really adore his persona in dealing with people and problems. He is such a strong individual. I love to watch The Apprentice and sometimes, yes, I put myself in the boardroom and defending myself to become the apprentice. Boleh?

The second person who has influenced me is an Indonesian writer, Mr Habiburrahman El-Shirazy. His writings are spectacular and I have it all! J To fall in love and to be loved based on Islamic perspective. It’s just beautiful!

Then, we move on to our next topic; my students

Students!!! Sir Azim misses you so much. Two of my students asked me questions and I promised them to answer in this post. So, the first one comes from Haris who has asked me 5 questions. So Haris, I present you, my answers. Hehe

My sweet memories

Well, I would say my sweet memories are my trip to Jakarta and being called Pak Jojo when I was in SMKKK1. Hehe. When you are called “Pak” or “Jo” in school, you are celebriteacher. Hehe. A new word by me. It was not easy to be in front of the class and teach. You need some sort of aura to make the students stare and focus on you. Well, in this case, Pak Jojo had helped me, I would say. Hehe. I thanked Andrew Andika for helping me to gain confidence when I was doing my practicum. Yes! You wanna see the evidence? Taraa:

See students? He says hye to you. Though he could not add me, at least he is glad to have helped me in my teaching. Alhamdulilah.

How do I feel about SMKKK1

How do I feel? I love this school so much. The teachers and students are super duper cool. I am grateful to be sent to this school for my practicum. I love my table in teachers’ room. Seriously I miss this school!

My ex-students’ behaviour

Hehe. The cepucemas one! It’s normal for a teacher to face lots of different attitudes. In my case, Alhamdullillah, 2 Bestari and 2 Adil are super duper cool and you people respect me so much. We laughed a lot, didn’t we? Hehe.

Students’ essay

You people know how much I love to read your essay? I once was in your place. My essays were marked and this time, I marked your essay. I would say you people can write good essays and yeah, make writing essay as part of your hobby ok!

Now, Suraya Khairuddin.

She loves to watch Glee, and he asks me about Glee. We do love Glee rite Suraya?! Yes, i’m still following the latest season of Glee and in fact, I put some songs performed by the casts in my mp3. Yeay! The must one is Don’t Stop Believing.

I think that's all for now. Yes, the aura is still here and I have lots more exposure to be shared. Wow, exposure katanya. Till then. 11:48 AM. Friday, January 28, 2011.

The Boy with The Short & Simple Fable

Assalamualaikum adik adik semua. Apa khabar? Hari ini, abang ada satu cerita yang ingin abang kongsikan dengan adik-adik semua. Cerita ini direka bersama dengan tiga lagi rakan abang; Shafiq Aziz dan Ramzi Muhammad. Cerita ini bertajuk "How Pig Got Its Curly Tail".

Cerita ini penuh dengan tauladan. Luangkan masa untuk membacanya ya! Sesiapa yang teringin untuk menceritakan semula, jangan lupa untuk dikreditkan nama kami bertiga ya!

(Oh ya, cerita ini direka semasa kami menjalani Semester 5 dalam subjek Penulisan Kreatif atau dalam bahasa Inggerisnya Creative Writing).

And here it goes:


Ever wonder what makes a pig’s tail curly? Once when the world was very young, all pigs of colors and sizes had long and slim tail, until a certain event changed it forever.

Once upon a time, there was a deceitful pig named Peggy. She loved apples and would go to any extend of having some for lunch, and this included stealing. The little town of Sugarcoat was known for its mysterious disappearance of apples for years. Little did the animal of Sugarcoat knew that the culprit was little Peggy.

As time passed, Peggy knew that one day, she would be caught stealing. So she devised a clever plan to deceive the people of Sugarcoat.

“I will meet the Wise Owl” she said, “and tell him that it was Reggie the raccoon who steals the apple”, Peggy knew that if she could make the Wise Owl believed her, so will the animal of Sugarcoat.

But the Wise Owl was indeed, wise, so he did not believe the accusation made by Peggy. In his clever little brain, he quickly devised a quick plan.

“I will set a trap”, he said to Peggy, “somewhere near the Ruby Farm”.

There were two farms famous for its apples in Sugarcoat, Ruby Farm and Pier Farm. After she had been told of the location of the trap, Peggy smiled because she knew where not to steal tonight.

Later that night, as the moon rose and the stars were twinkling brightly in the sky, Peggy was out to steal the apples. She stopped in a junction and thought, to the left would bring her to Ruby Farm and to her right would be Pier Farm. Peggy, praising her intelligence took the right path and was happy thinking that she would avoid a trap prepared for the culprit (which was her).

On his way, she noticed that red apples were put neatly in the basket by the roadside. With a big smile while praising her luck and suspecting nothing, she ran to savor each one, without noticing the Wise Owl perched on a branch. The owl then swooped down in the darkness and only managed to claw on Peggy’s tail. Peggy was shocked and struggled so hard that her tail snapped. The remaining of her tail left at her bottom became curly because of it and it remained the same to all of her ancestors.


Macam mana? Seronok kan ceritanya! Antara nilai moral yang kita boleh dapati dalam cerita ini ialah:

1. Jangan suka mencuri, ianya perbuatan yang tidak baik.
2. Jangan terlalu tamak.
3. Sepandai pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga.

Abang rasa, cukup setakat ini ya? InshaAllah, jika diberi peluang, akan diposkan lagi cerita-cerita yang menarik. Sehingga kita berjumpa lagi. :)

Rabu, 26 Januari, 2011. 12:30 tengah malam
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