The Boy with The First Post in January 2011

Salam peeps. Happy New Year! It's sooo damn long I haven't updated my dear blog. Well, might be because I enjoyed my sem break so much. Hehehe. So how are you my people? Miss reading my blog? Nah, today I wanna write lots of things, that I've been keeping for weeks and months and years. Hehehe. Plus the fact that, I think this is the longest post for this year, LOL. Oh btw, Happy New Semester! and Happy Last Semester to all c4 members. Remember, this is our season finale. Choose your series peeps.

OK, go!

I did so many things during my semester break. Well, not so many but boleh lah. From the cooking, spending my time with friends, watching movies and getting fever again and again, I think I spent my sem break really damn well. Ok, let's start with the first one. Thanks to Top Chef as this reality show helps me to enjoy cooking. Aku boleh masak juga, ok? What did I cook then? Home made burger meat. It's very simple. You blend the meat and add whatever do you want to. Tomatoes, spring onion, carrot to name a few. Then, put it in the oven as long as you want. Sampai daging masak la senang cite. Then, it's makan time! Serious sedap aku buat! Nah:



Then, I got the chance to follow Aswad 3G to pluck mushroom. Not in the mushroom farm ok, akan tetapi, in the center of the earth. Eh, bukan jugak. It's in the middle of the oil palm estate. See, if you come to Chaah. we can pluck these mushrooms together. Cendawan Masak Air. Things that you need: plastic bag, plastic bag and plastic bag. The bigger the better. Then, you can enjoy your plucking moment, like I did. See:

Yes people, I'm still using the same red CROCS. :)

See the mushrooms?

Then, the best part! Answering my friend's question. Ramzi and I, as we did not have nothing to do, we exchanged questions. 100 questions! to be lying. 10 je. SO, we have to answer these questions in our respective blog. So, the questions and the answers are:

1. If I'm not a teacher, what would I be?
A steward, perhaps.

2. If I were given a chance to be somebody, who will it be?
Frankly speaking, hmm. Who would it be eh. Mohd Azim Bin Saidon jugak!

3. Hah, the cepucemas one!
Many people say you look like Andrew Andika. Have you thought of becoming a model?
Oooo Hero Tasbih Cinta ni eh?

Wah soalan!
The answer: Saya tiada pakej, Ramzi.

4. Ramzi thinks he does not suit to become a teacher. Suggest a job for him.
A Bakery Owner. Kedai Kek dan Roti Sehati Sejiwa.

5. I want to be a unicorn. What should I do?
Well, expose yourself to the real world!

6. If I become a mayor, what state would I want to?
Chaah di hatiku.

7. If you are a tree, what tree do you want to be?
A big shady tree that gives people a good scenary and helps the environment to
produce lots of oxygen. Wow!

8.Have you ever encountered paranormal phenomenon?
Yes, when a tree was shaken by..I dunno, I didn't see the shaker. Hehehe

9. What is 387?.
Well, I'm the third child and was born in 87. So, now I'm officially 24 and yes,
single. (Dan2)

10. Bumi tidak lagi sesuai untuk di duduki dan anda harus berpindah ke Marikh.
Senaraikan 5 benda yang anda mahu bawa ke sana.

Well, Hanphone to make a call. Pillow to sleep, Laptop to play games or online
if internet is ever exist there. Tooth brush and tooth paste, so you can smile
confidently to people who travel to Marikh with you.
Imej itu penting!

Hehehe..those are the questions. Do check out his blog, where he answers my questions!


What else eh? Ha, a small yet sweet reunion with me friends at Sungai Bantang waterfall. We had our BBQ, mandi manda session and reminiscing our super duper sweet memories when we were younger. We are still young, bear in mind. ;)

Eat first, before you jump into the cold water :)

Oh yes, my favourite activity every day during my break. Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S for the nth time. Best!!!

Ha, I was driving from KL to Kelantan last week and I captured these beautiful scenary. Seriously I imagined that I was driving back to Fork, macam dalam Twilight. It's very beautiful, isn't it? Subhanallah. Oh, you can see this when you pass Gua Musang. Cantik!!! Yup, I captured this while I was driving. One hand to the car steering and the other captured the photos. Make sure the road is carLESS, ok?




People, this long post happens when you keep your story until your story gives a birth to a new baby story. Gile punye exxageration. LOL. I think that wraps up this first 2011 post. Take care you guys! Hapy New Year and see ya soon! 12:09 PM, January 05, 2011.


  1. Love the home-made burger meats! Tantalizing healthy & satisfying.

  2. Wanna try it Im?
    Come to Chaah then :P

  3. salam saudara,
    balas dah, hihihi


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