The Boy with The Last Post in January 2011

Live from Chaah, Segamat, Johor, presenting; Mohd Azim Saidon!

Yeay! Salam peeps. Yup, I’m at Chaah now, spending my gold time here. I went back by train and as usual, the sensation of being one of Harry Potter’s friends who meets him in the train is part of my routine in the train, gitu. Hehe. Alhamdulillah, the journey was good and thanks so much, Senandung Timuran. I reached Segamat at 7++ AM and I loved its morning view.


Ha, the best part; Ayaq Bah. Wohoa, this is my second time facing this Mr Flood. Ayo, Chaah has turned into water fair! Luckily this Mr F didn’t want to stop by inside my house. Thanks though for visiting my front and back part of me house. Hehe. Oh, I cannot forget this one moment, when I saw a frying pan joyfully spinning and moving on the water surface during the flood. Sangat lawak ok! Ku tertawa sendirian! How I wish I record it. Aish.

This was taken last night, about 10++ PM

Oh, thanks Azie and Zubaidah for tagging me these photos. I do love them. Arnab Society and Birthday Celebration. The Arnab Society photo was taken two weeks before during our gotong royong. This birthday party, bile ek?

Tomeinye. Hehe

Who's birthday was it? Saya lupa.

Oh, I’ve started buying groceries for Istana Kuning now! Dah ada dapur!! Yeay!!

Banyaknya barang. (Eh, comelnya jari).

Oh, this is not for Istana Kuning. This is my last minute shopping. :)

There you go, the last post for this January 2011. February 2011 is just around the sharp corner. Time to go now. See ya! 9:37 PM. Monday, January 31, 2011.


  1. jhor pon bnjir teruk?
    nway welcome feb 2011..
    hehe ^_^

  2. a'ah terok jugak.
    happy new feb to u too :)


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