The Boy with The Recipe

Salam. Feeewits! Yeay, I got positive feedbacks regarding my home made burger. Bangga mode! So peeps, now, this time, at the moment, apparently, for now (tu dia) I wanna share the ingredients with you my lovely people. Do try it ok. A'ah la, thinking of recipe makes me think Top Chef and the beautiful host, Padma.

Presenting, the recipe to make Home Made Burger! You need:

Beef, Carrot, Spring Onion, Parsley, Tomato, Lettuce, Seasonings, Butter, Black pepper. That's it. The portion? Nah, put as many as you like. Hehehe.

1. Of course, prepare all the ingredients and wash it properly. Kebersihan itu keutamaan kita!

Daging segar dari ladang!

Veggies to look young and healthy!

2. Then, blend the meat. If your blender is only meant to blend chillies, onions, ginger and all his entire family members, now it's time to break the law! Wah! Blend the meat! If your blender's blades turn blunt, don't blame me eh?

3. Now, the mixing part. After you've blended the meat, put your minced potato, carrot, spring onion and parsley. Then, add seasonings and pepper. Yes, now you may use your beautiful hands to mix these things.

4. Ok, what's next. Jap, aku pon lupe. Ha, grease your tray, confidently! I just take the butter from the freeze and grease it. Cooking needs confidence! Hehe. So now, it's time to make this happen. Heat your oven for about then minutes then put your meet inside. You can create whatever shape that you like. Heart, triangle, round, it's up to you. Then, let the heat meet the meat for about 30 minutes. For the time being, you can take a shower or watching TV, like I did last time. Kantoi masak tak mandi!

5. Haa, now, it's time to eat! Yeay. Serve your product with a sliced tomato, lettuce and sauce. If you wanna eat burger, just add the bread and mayonnaise, as simple as that. Enjoy your meal.

Peeps, if I have my own cooking programme, what will it be called eh? Of Kitchen, Food and Azim. Tak tahan!!!

6. Then, paste your photo here ( This statement is automatically generated!) Oh, sila muntah sekarang. Hehehehe


See ya! 10:17 PM, Saturday, January 08,2011.

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  1. azim, nak jugak beger tu, t bwk mai kls na..nmpk sedap,hee..


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