The Boy with The New Episode of Life

Feewit! Salam. Hey there, readers and bloggers! Oh, this is my first post for February 2011. It’s February already? Wow, January flies so fast without even saying good bye to me. Well, I say good bye to you then. Bye January. Meet you soon, 2012. My! I’ll be an English teacher in 2012. Macam mana la nanti. Posting oh posting, dear posting, don’t play hard on me please? Posting oh posting, dear posting, see you in July please. Hehe. Ok, back to the present. Oh, this post is specially dedicated to my best crime partner Yam as she is the one who gives the title. Credit to Yam. Yeay, bisa nonton wayang lagi! The New Episode of Life? How come? Well, just a kick start to kick the fat away. Wah! InshaAllah.

Aha, do you wanna watch me on stage? Again, do you wanna watch me on stage? Sure, you can. Wah! Presenting, Rumpelstiltskin on Stage. Yes, my dear cohort mates and I will be doing two drama presentations as part of our course; Literature for Children and Young Adults. InshaAllah, these dramas will be on stage on the 24th of March. Come and join us! We have Snow White & Friends and Rumpelstilskin just for you! Oh, wanna know my character? Surprise! Do come and watch us! Do visit our production blog:


Hmm, apa lagi mau cerita eh. Ce cite ce cite ce cite. Oh, my MP3 can’t be used anymore, I wanna have a bottle of Kenzo Power and also, I wanna lose weight. Yeay! Oh, and I will not stop saying this. Students, I miss you so much. (Sila rasa terharu sampai nak menangis) and I miss the moment of teaching you guys! Potato People, Essays and Reading Comprehension. Oh I miss the teachers too. Send my regards to them okies. Nah, my photo, as a student, like you people:


That’s for now. AE, assignments and presentation are waiting. Till then. Oh, and you, IHY. :P Wednesday, February 16, 2010. 10:02 PM.


  1. wow dah nak jd cegu da..
    slmat mnjdi cegu yg brkaliber


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