The Boy with The End of The Semester

Feewit! Peace ya’ll! The time has finally come. Azim Saidon Season 8 has come to its end. Boleh gitu? These eight seasons have shared lots of me life with people around me. I just love me series! Syok sendiri bukan? Kau ada? Hehe. I seriously can’t believe I’ve completed these eight semesters of TESL, Alhamdulillah. I meet extraordinary people and I heart them so much. Thanks to all me TESL peeps and all lecturers. TESL rocks!

What sould I do this holiday huh? Oh, going for a holiday? Of course! :P For the soul, (soul katanya), no worries, I have this list of books which I’m going to read this break. Well, break ke? Ye la, break before me posting.

I might be a child for a while, then transform into a man then. Wah! Can’t wait to read the children literature! I’m on my way to find my lost childhood memories, yearsss ago. Hehe. Thanks to Mira for the novel; The Girl in The Mirror (aku tak balas lagi hadiah ni), and to someone special...thanks for the bookS! Who is this someone special huh? Jeng3!

These 10 novels will bring me back to my childhood. Yeay! ^_^

Gadis di dalam Cermin. Siapakah dia?

Macam nak baca dalam flight nanti :)

Ha, who falls in love? Jeng3


Oh, Thanks to this Ms Secretary! She’s the one who keeps reminding me to complete my assignments, (which I enjoy to scribble when the tasks are done) Awww!

Six subjects for this semester. Me love all!

Ok, that’s that. Can’t wait to share me holiday programmes with you peeps. Take care! Sunday, May 01, 2011. 12:10 AM.


  1. Salam.visit here^^ nice blog.keep blogging :)
    Feel free to read my new entry @ frommetoyou~

  2. makasih deh :)
    bangga saye, ada pelawat dari nun jauh di sana :)

  3. orang chaah ui!
    dah nak abes da ke?
    wah, bestnyer da nk grad...ngeh3
    jangan lupa belanjaa aa

    nice blog:)

    Sincerely from,
    orang jauh..haha

  4. hehehe. fewit orang melaka+uk! hehehe. lame dok dengar kabau nye. yezza, final sem. hehehe. bole lepak umah lame sblom posting. x de kelas!! hhehehe.


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