The Boy with The Holiday Story

Salam people. Finally, here I am, after the previous post, which was a month ago! Hehe. My last post was about the pre graduation night, which was successfully done and will be deeply missed! I loved it so much and to my dear C4 friends, I love our six years! Posting just around the corner peeps!

Ok dear readers, remember my second last sentence in my last post? Yup, my packing-things time to get ready to Sabah. Alhamdulillah, all went well and I enjoyed very much in Sabah! Let’s dive into my beautiful journey to Sabah, with beautiful and gorgeous people.

I really want to thank my two special and beautiful lagi mengancam tourist guides – Elin and Farah for entertaining and taking us to every interesting place when we were there. Much thanks to my dear IPG Gaya friends as well, for your time spent with us. You guys are super duper cool! :)

Ok, my partners in crime – Kak Im and Mira, hehehe. Thanks to you too guys! Next station – South Korea pulak la kite ye J

To make it simpler, my wonderful journey in Sabah covered these interesting places:

Tanjung Aru - Karamunsing Capital - Monsopiad Cultural VillageUMS - Suria Sabah - Pasar Malam Sinsuran - Kinabalu Park - Strawberry Farm - Kundasang Memorial Park - Kampung Mesilou - Desa Cattle - Tanjung Lipat - Perdana Park - Yoyo Cafe - Harbour City

Of course, it came with lots and lots and lots of photos! Wajib! Tara!!! :

The first place we hit after our arrival, Tanjung Aru; a place where I learnt about "Kichai" :)

The next morning, at Karamunsing Capital. Had our breakfast at Fook Yuen

Then, we went to Monsopiad Cultural Village and managed to enter the Skull House.

After the cultural performance, we performed! :P

An academic tour + visit at Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Cool!

Here I am, Suria Sabah. Best!

Cool art work!

It's dinner time @ Pasar Philipine. SEAFOOD HEAVEN! Terbaik!

The Next Day - Kinabalu Park. See the squirell?

As the photo tells, Strawberry Park. :)

We had our home made Strawberry Ice Cream. Sangat sedap!

In front of Kundasang Memorial Park entrance

Mesilau Nature Resort. What a beautiful place!

Melompat Lebih TIngi :)

Desa Cattle, as though I'm in New Zealand. Yahoo!!

Bersama lembu lembu

On our back to KK. See the mountain?

It's time to eat, at Tanjung Lipat after spending half day in Kundasang.

At Perdana Park, with these georgous people watching colourful musical fountains.

The next day, before I left Sabah. Here you are, IPG Gaya. :)

Breakfast at Harbour City. Sutera Harbour is just in front of us.

Minutes left before our departure. Thanks folks, for spending your time with us at the air port!

I’m so gonna go to Sabah again! InshaAllah. These three days holiday were super wonderful and of course, it has been successfully put in my memorable memory, next to my cerebrum, besides the cerebellum. :P That’s all for now peeps. Take care!

Friday, June 10, 2011. 11:29 PM

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