The Boy with The First Southeast Asia Universal Studios

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Yeah I know, it’s been two months I haven’t updated my blog. Hehe. Worry not, here I am friends, to give you report from A to Z, every single piece and bit about my entire life, boleh gitu? Anyway, how are you friends? I hope you’re in the pink of health (Ayat untuk jawab kertas esei sangat kan?). I hope you’re fine and cool as always (Ni ayat aku!). Alhamdulillah, life goes on well though I’m hoping to be posted soon. Yeah, currently I’m at home, spending some time with myself, myself and myself. Hehe. For the record, I’ve just finished reading Inkheart, though the novel and even the film have been launched years ago. Reading is sexy. Tiba tiba. Ok, enough with celoteh and let’s move on to the main title, The Boy with The First Southeast Asia Universal Studios. Before that, my last celoteh, I just realised that my previous two posts were about Sabah and Korea. This time, Singapore bebeh! Hat-trick! 3 straight posts are about my holidays! I love it! Sabah – South Korea – Singapore. Next station? Adela! Sebok! Wow, sorry for my long writing, which seems like an introduction for an essay kan? My Holiday tajuknye. Haha. Ok, serious!

I went to Singapore Universal Studios last month, 16th of September to be exact, 2 days after my birthday to be more exact. :P Wow, you should come here and I really want to spend my time here, again! Lots of cool attractions which make you feel like you are in the US. Well, at least for me! There were seven stations that you should really explore and feel the excitement gua cakap sama lu. HollywoodMadagascarFar Far AwayThe Lost WorldAncient EgyptSci-Fi City- New York. Fuhhh! Totally awesome. Well, it’s not Azim Saidon la if there are no photos kan! Jom! Oh I got the chance to capture my moments with popular icons/characters during the visit. Tara:



Far Far Away

The Lost World

Ancient Egypt

Sci-Fi City

New York

Kung Fu Panda

Abang Abang Sci Fi

Charlie Chaplin

Marilyn Monroe


Winnie Woodpecker




The Globe

Mel’s Drive-In makan burger!

Aww, it reminds me of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Oh, they sell Oscar Awards as well, and I’ve just won Best Teacher! Hehe

That’s all about it friends. Beautiful moments! Oh, I went to Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg two times as I really enjoyed the show so much! To Cikgu Suriani & Cikgu Norlin, InshaAllah, we’ll meet again, thanks so much! Salam. Wednesday, October 05, 2011, 11:15 PM


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  2. bestnye! nak g jugak!! how much is the entrance fee? and btw, i think u shud change the boy with bla3.. to the man with bla2..hehe!

  3. hey there...i paid rm 188 for the package. ya, u shud go there. lots of interesting spots n ull enjoy it very much! oh ya, i'm thinking to change the boy as well. hehehe. thanks for the idea though :)

  4. Duuude! Lama gila tak singgah membaca disini. Reading is sexy kan, as said by you-know-who. Kikiki. Best gila! Nak pelok Po the panda jugakk! Will definitely come here! Jom next trip y'all! Oh btw, souvenirrrrr! ;)

  5. awak pun cikgu jugak ke? seronok tgk gambar-gambar pegi universal :D

  6. kita InshaAllah ckgu gak, tgh tggu posting. cikgu ya? di skolah mana tu? :)

  7. eh, hye cek yam. hehehe. oh cenderamatanya ya? jeng3. hehe

  8. esekolah menengah kat KL. hehe. selamat tungu posting ye.


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