The Bloke with The First Post for 2012.

Salam. Peeps, it's been ages! Seriously I don't know where to start! This is what happened when you haven't updated your blog for five months! I have so many things to share (well, not that so many!) but, you know, the anticipation of updating the blog is not my forte for this past few months. Boleh gitu? Alhamdulillah, life is good and if I'm not mistaken, my last post was written last year, while patiently waiting to be posted. Here I am now, in Sungai Tiram, currently working as an English teacher -- happily, cheerfully, merrily. Oh, Sungai Tiram is in Ulu Tiram okay? SMK Sungai Tiram, to be exact. I love my job, that's all I can say. Students, colleagues, RPH - they are all my life now :)

Waa, can't believe that I am now working and no longer a student. I miss being a student, especially doing the last-minute assignment. Haha!!! Aargh, so many things are missed! my C4 mates, Istana Kuning, Shah Alam, Kelantan, Nasi Kukus and the list goes on. Oh, not to forget, being chased by the warden. Haha. That was long time ago. :P 

Ok, back to reality, Azim. Yeay, I'm counting days to get engaged! Yes, yes, I lie. Sorry! I'm counting days for this coming school holiday. Why? Well, let's just say I have a project arranged, long time ago. I'll tell you later, of course. btw, I'm a class teacher. Hehe. Form 4 Delima and you know what, the sweetest thing when you become a Papa to them. Papa Azim! Sweet, isn't it? Hehe. Muda-muda dah jadi papa. Papa hot? Hot la sangat! 

That's all I can blog for tonight. Hope to write more soon. Bye! 11:27 PM, Friday, 4-May-2012.

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