The Bloke with The Longest Post, kot.

First of all let me say this, though I've said this for the nth time "Oh my, it's been ages I haven't updated this blog". Well, face the fact Azim, you're such a cool lazy blogger, duh! Well well well, let see, what should I write today. 

*10 minutes later*

Well well well, what should I write today?

*5 minutes later*

Well peeps, see, that's why I don't always update my blog, lately. (C'mon, just write what you want, Azim.) Fuhh! Ok, well, be it, I will always start telling you about my life as an awesome English teacher. Haha. Being an English teacher for seven months plus already, wow, seven months, has taught me lots of things. Peeps, it's not easy to be a teacher and I salute teachers all around the world. You change the world, teachers! Only teachers understand teachers, kan? I love this job, I love my students and I love you. Eh? Haha. I never stop telling you that I'm a form teacher. Yes, a daddy to 33 children. Haha. I love them! Do they love me? Do they love me? Haha. Ask them, don't ask me. :P Sorry children, am still looking for your mum. Haha. Apakah ini semua? 

The Not-rasmi One.

The Rasmi One

 *My trip to Bandung last May just came across my mind*

Bandung, yes Bandung! Yeay Bandung! Alhamdulillah, managed to go to Bandung alone. Yeaha! It was such a great experience. You know peeps, I took a bus from Segamat to KL in the morning, then arrived at TBS around 10 a.m. Waa, dah terfeeling jadi pelancong sikit dah. Then I took this express train (KLIA Express) to LCCT. This was when my fear started to grow. To go overseas alone, for the first time, well, it's a scary thing for me. What to do, I bought the ticket plus I'm already 25, what to worry, InshaAllah :) My flight was scheduled at 5 pm plus, I think and just imagine what did I do in LCCT alone. Haha. Thanks to Phoebe, my Ipad :) and thanks to KFC for serving me fried chicken. :)

It was time to get into the flight, as I had successfully mobile-checked in. Yeay! I went straight awaiy to the departure hall, with my backpack and some of my hopes and confident, katanya. LOL. Then when I gave the officer in charge my boarding pass, "Dik, ini flight domestik". Imagine what I felt. Malu wei! A "haha" for me. Moral of the story, don't be too confident. No, the moral is to check the signboard first. It didn't happen when we were going to Korea and Indonesia last time. Well, might be because I'm alone, no one to alert me. Gitu pulak kan. Padahal signboard dah besar2 tulis domestik. I hope that Officer Kakak won't recognise me again, if I'm about to take a flight again. :D

This two-hour flight was so smooth plus the beautiful cabin crew. My ambition was to become a steward, you know. Don't ask me, but I love it! I love being in a mood when once you in your suit and dragging along your luggage, it is just awesome! Plus the fact that many eyes are on you. Hehe. Wowo, now I'm writing too long. Sokay, it's my blog anyway. Haha. back to the Bandung story, I'm so thankful that my Indonesian friend, Syam was waiting for me at the air port. Sejuk banget Bandung malam itu. My first trip to Bandung was three years ago, but I took a flight to Jakarta first. So this was my first time in Bandung air port. Then Syam took me to the cheapest motel that I asked him to look for. Thank you so much Syam, plus your motorcycle to take me to every cornet to Bandung. Ciwalk, all the Malls, food stalls, Kakek Cangkul- a movie, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia and all other places. I was asked by someone to be a part of this one production team. They were doing one sinetron when I was there. Well people, there was no someone. I'm just lying, to make the story sound WOW! haha.

*See, this happens when you start writing*

Ok, still with Bandung story. Well, I guess that's it then. InshaAllah, I'll come again to Bandung as I didn't have time to visit Kawah Putih. A must-visit place. Anyone? Let's set the date and time okay? It's already September, and 14th is just around the corner. Yeaha! It's my birthday. 

Bandung, in front of Gedung Sate.


Do you give names to your belongings? Well, now I do. Thanks to Ramzi as he taught me this. Hehe. I do give names to my belongings, especially things that I love and significant to me. I name them according to F.R.I.E.N.D.S character. I name my Blackberry Rachel, my bowling bowl Ross, my Ipad Phoebe, my transport Joey. I'm still looking for Chandler and Monica. Hehe. Ramzi has his Charlie, Shafiq Aziz has his Sooki. I miss these two people! Two crazy-happy-go-lucky people. Boleh tak gitu? Jumpa mereka pasti ketawa! :D I managed to meet Shafiq when I was in my home town last Raya, and Ramzi last Ramadhan. And I miss my partner in crime as well, Kakak Mira Manan. Where are you kakak? and my other classmates. 

Wow, I write too much. That's all for now. InshaAllah, if, IF I'm good enough to write, I'll write. See ya then! :) Salam. 4th September 2012, 9:40 PM.


  1. as-salam saudara
    gembira mendengar hidup saudara sekarang begitu meriah sekali. InsyaAllah saya juga akan cuba mengemaskini blog saya juga, nanti kunjungi ya?

  2. wsalam saudara. silalah kemaskini web saudara, saya tak sabar nak bacanya!!!!

  3. Next time please bring me together....ok i also love to travel


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