The Bloke with The Best Birthday Partay!

Salam. Hye gorgeous, beautiful and handsome people! I'm exactly 25! I'm exactly 25! (So?) Suddenly I'm feeling slightly old. Should I get married now? Eh Eh, ape ni? Haha. When the time comes, it comes. For the time being, I just wanna be the king of my own life. Let the princess live happily in the castle, play with her unicorn and dragon, go hunting and learn how to dance. Wow, so cerita dongeng. 

*and I live happily ever after*

I was writing about my birthday and suddenly it turned to this happily-ever-after thingy. Macam petanda je ni? Eh! See, it strikes again! Haha. Sudah! Anyway, the birthday party. Oh my, it was indescribable! I was so touched and moved with these 4 Delima children.

*and the story begins*

Well, it was Friday. My birthday was on Friday this year and I didn't have my English lesson with them that day. Then I got a call from my Pengetua, asking me to enter 4 Delima on the last period, a relief class to be exact. You know, these students, they met Pengetua in person asking for her permission to hold my party in the classroom. Aww, super sweet! Yes, I then entered my class BAMM!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...!!! I saw a birthday cake, curry puffs, packets of mee kecik (as said by my housmate) / mihun, some jajans, drinks, coki-coki, cookies and pieces of cakes and of course, I saw my students laa! I didn't know how long they took to discuss, collect money and do everything to surprise me. Well children, I was surprised! :)


For that one day, it was like I won an award or I was some kind of an important person who paid a visit to a place. Everyone wished Happy Birthday to me, including my Pengetua. They just made my Friday-Birthday! I couldn't stop smiling and if you can see me now, I'm still smiling. Hehe.

*the story continues*

3 versions of Birthday songs were sung that I got another two special performances. They dedicated a special song to me and even recited a poem! How can I not love them? and how can I not love them when they bought my favourite Chocolate Indulgence? Aaaaa! Thank you so much 4 Delima! May Allah bless you. 

Sorry for the number :P

*3 paragraphs for the birthday - done*

Well, that was my wonderful birthday story. Oh, thank you everyone, for the wishes! Thanks for the SMSes, Voice Note, Video, Cards and of course, wishes on the FB Wall. Mak, Abah, siblings, students, friends & teachers. Thank you people! 

*now it's more than 3 paragraphs*

Pardon me people. I'm too happy to write this. Hehe.

4 Delima :)
Then, yesterday, which was Saturday, I went to New York. Yes, New York. Seriously, New York. Yes, New York Hotel. :D We had a lovely function for the school prefects, librarians and PRS. We had so much fun and of course, I ate a lot. :) 

Peeps I think that's all for now. I'll be back! 8:24 PM. 16 September 2012. 

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