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Hello peeps, here I am, again. I don't even believe that I'm actually updating my blog this fast, after what happened for the past previous posts. Haha. Anyway, how's life? Mine is great, as usual, Alhamdulillah. Though we might face problems or any not-so-good things happen, well, just face it for I know you guys are strong people! :) Ok now I got an idea, each time I'm updating my blog, the first thing I wanna share/blog/write is about my school life la kan! and, and, and I would like to make this school thingy story like a series, which I'll give a title, starting this post. Jadi, for this first School series, the title is Ustaz.  

*Here we go*

I dunno, students nowadays keep calling me Ustaz and they are from different classes, I tell you. Hehe. Ustazkah aku? Might be because of my calming and soothing face. Erk? It just made my day. :) Let's see, what else, hmm...Yeah, my Hikmah class will end soon as there is only one more class to go. Have I told you my last class will be on the 14th of September, which is next week? Oh no, I haven't, but I did tell you that the date is my birthday! Haha. I'm going to be 25 years old in one week. Remajakah aku? Dewasakah aku? Whatever Azim, duh! I still remember my first birthday present, given by Mak and Abah, a pair of roller blades. Kau ada? That thing is still kept in some place of my house which I dunno where. Haha! Still, it's in good condition though I haven't used it for such a long long time. Talking about finding things at home, who would you call if you fail to search it? Mmmmmakkkkkkkkk!!! hehe. :)   

*Done with the green roller blades*

This evening, as in today, thank you Cikgu Suriani for inviting me to your home. Alhamdulillah, I was full! She even gave me Mee goreng to bring home. Terima Kasih Cikgu! :D In my whole life, there are two teachers, coolest teachers that I've met. Cikgu Suriani and Cikgu Norlin.

*and the story begins*

Cikgu Suriani taught me Chemistry, when I was in SMTPJB. She taught me for one and a half year, as in the middle of the year she continued her study in Masters at UTM. Wow, learning with this cool teacher was fun. Though I'm not that good in Chemistry, still, I can remember some of her teachings, like Penurunan Pengoksidaan, NaCl, mol, and the list goes on, minus the calculation part. Hehe. Do not give me the calculation part as I'm not good in it though she has taught me nth time. I enjoyed very much in her class.! That's about Cikgu Suriani. Thanks to her again, as she's the one who helped me to join the trip to Singapore and the Universal Studio. Hehe.        

Cikgu Norlin. The name represents herself. Soft spoken lady who taught me Bahasa Melayu when I was in form 5 and she's the one who always tells me that I have a super nice handwriting. Awww, thanks ckg! and I still remember I was labelled as her teacher's pet. Haha. What to do, I was a good student, kan Ckg Norlin? Haha. Learning with her just fantastic and seriously it didn't even feel long when it came to her class. Laa, BM dah habis ke? Gitu. :D   

Those are my teachers and now, we are teachers! We'll always have topics to discuss when we meet, apart of our touring programmes. Haha. They inspire me a lot, as both of them are Masters holders, which is one of my target, to become a Masters holder as well.  M.Ed (TESL), boleh kan? To be a teacher who is remembered by you students is not easy. Well, these two teachers obviously have successfully made themeselves remembered by the students, of course in a good, cool blog & best way! I'm sure, it's not just me, other SMTP students will also say the same about these two best teachers! I wish to be remembered like how you two are remembered, cikgu! :)

That's about my two significant teachers in my life. It does not mean that my other teachers are not remembered, but these two are super significant in my life as they are my advisor since my first time I was in Maktab. Hebat tak hebat tu? Wow, macam sambutan Hari Guru pulak. Hehe. Sokay, every day is Hari Guru! ke hari sekolah je yang jadi Hari Guru?  

Cikgu Norlin and I, when we went for a trip to USS

Three of us; myself, Ckg Norlin and Ckg Suriani after we lest USS

I think that's all for now. We do have teachers that we remember the most rite? What about you peeps? Bye. 11:38PM, 7th September, 1987. Eh, 2012. Sorry, too excited for my birthday! :P 

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  1. Happy belated birthday (I hope it is not to late) :)


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