The Bloke with The Real Last Post for 2012

Salam peeps.

Haha. I know, I know. Last post supposingly was my last post for this year. You know, when you start writing, you can't stop. Same goes when you stop writing! Haha.

Anyway, 2013 is just around the corner. Resolutions peeps, resolution. Frankly speaking, I don't take this resolution thingy way too serious. It's enough for me to live better for the next year. For 2013, I think I should have my resolutions which I'll take it seriously to achieve it, kot. I'm trying my best here though, don't judge me. Haha.

One - to have better life InshaAllah
Two - to lose weight. Yep, I'm overweight now.
Three- to travel more than one places in a year.
Four- to perform better in my profession.

Those are my four resolutions for 2013. Good luck Azim! Speaking of my name, I really love when people call me Azim, Zim, Jim. Hehe. Ok, resolutions done.

My real intention of blogging today is to reveal my latest obsession. Gitu. I now love watching cooking shows. Yeah, I enjoy watching these. First, I know lots of new recipes. Second, I dunno, I feel like I'm full when I watch these shows. Third, makes me enjoy cooking and I wanna become a celebrity chef. Wah! Of course I have my own favourite shows.

I love Giada at home. I love her. I like her style!!!
I enjoy watching Anna Olson's programmes. She really knows how to cook and bake.
I enjoy Chef at home. Chef Micheal Smith inspires me.

These are the people whom I watch during my holidays. Cooking shows are now part of my teraphy kot. Thanks AFC and Food Network Asia! Oh, there are others shows I watch as well. Too many to mention, gitu ha.

That's all for now! See ya! 1:54 PM. 30/12/12

The Bloke with The Last Post for 2012

Salam peeps. 

I should be proud of myself, now, as I can't believe I'm writing for my latest post.. Fuh, I saw the date for my last post and it was on 16th September 2012, 3 months before. Eh, 2 days after my birthday. ;)

Well, many things happened and one post clearly is not enough to put everything in. Let's just take the most memorable/important parts, shall we? 

It's almost one year I've been working as an English Language Teacher in Sungai Tiram. Alhamdulillah, I enjoy my life here so much. When you are surrounded by people you like, students you love and environment you are ok with, everything turns out well. Alhamdulillah ya Allah :) 
2012 has taught me many things and InshaAllah, 2013 is gonna be better, Amin.

This is my first year of invigilating SPM and I got the chance to invigilate SMK Felda Ulu Tebrau. Watching the students reminds me of myself, sitting on a chair and answering all the questions. It was  in 2004 at Dewan Dagang. Oh speaking of Dewan Dagang, my memories spent at SMTP JB have somehow taught me beautiful values and lessons. 

Yes kesayangans, tonight is all about memories :)

I still remember when I got the offer letter saying I was accepted to that school. Later, came the day of registration for the class and hostel. That was my first time living in a hostel, leaving my parents and siblings. Oh you should know what the feeling was like. Well, hostel students should know this. Sedih ok! Sedih! Sedih dan Sedih lagi. I could hear my mum's voice, calling me to wake me up but I was on my bed and realized I was in Tun Bijasura Dorm. I felt like crying and how I wish to decline the offer before! 

Well, as time passed, I got to know my friends and somehow I managed to get used with hostel environment; do your own laundry, solat berjemaah, waking up in the morning to use the toilet before it's full and so on. Not to forget, Makan Rasmi Asrama and Majlis Akhir Tahun! These things, believe me, taught me to become who I am now. Though it was hard to leave your family in the first place, but later, the outcomes are priceless! You are now independant, tougher and you have your own bitter sweet memories. Now that I realised, I am grateful that I accepted the offer. Allah has planned the best for everyone of us :) Everything turns out well, Alhamdulillah.

That's my hostel moment and I should take this moment to thank all the wonderful wardens who did their best throughout the years. Kudos to all of you! Aha, I still remember each one of them! Not to forget my best teachers and friends! Ok, I haven't started yet with my university and maktab memories. Later, may be. To conclude my conclusion, wah, living in hostel teaches you many things. If you get the chance, take it. This is when you collect your memories as teenagers, wah gitu. Trust me, it's wonderful! :)

I think I write too much but still, I want to write more. Never mind then, next post kot (which I dunno when I will write, you know, when that 'kemalasan' becomes part of you). Bye! 30 December 2012. 1:11 AM. 

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