The Bloke with The Real Last Post for 2012

Salam peeps.

Haha. I know, I know. Last post supposingly was my last post for this year. You know, when you start writing, you can't stop. Same goes when you stop writing! Haha.

Anyway, 2013 is just around the corner. Resolutions peeps, resolution. Frankly speaking, I don't take this resolution thingy way too serious. It's enough for me to live better for the next year. For 2013, I think I should have my resolutions which I'll take it seriously to achieve it, kot. I'm trying my best here though, don't judge me. Haha.

One - to have better life InshaAllah
Two - to lose weight. Yep, I'm overweight now.
Three- to travel more than one places in a year.
Four- to perform better in my profession.

Those are my four resolutions for 2013. Good luck Azim! Speaking of my name, I really love when people call me Azim, Zim, Jim. Hehe. Ok, resolutions done.

My real intention of blogging today is to reveal my latest obsession. Gitu. I now love watching cooking shows. Yeah, I enjoy watching these. First, I know lots of new recipes. Second, I dunno, I feel like I'm full when I watch these shows. Third, makes me enjoy cooking and I wanna become a celebrity chef. Wah! Of course I have my own favourite shows.

I love Giada at home. I love her. I like her style!!!
I enjoy watching Anna Olson's programmes. She really knows how to cook and bake.
I enjoy Chef at home. Chef Micheal Smith inspires me.

These are the people whom I watch during my holidays. Cooking shows are now part of my teraphy kot. Thanks AFC and Food Network Asia! Oh, there are others shows I watch as well. Too many to mention, gitu ha.

That's all for now! See ya! 1:54 PM. 30/12/12

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