The Bloke with The Vacay

Salam. Hello there. I know, I know. It will be the same phrase "Oh haven't updated this blog for such a long time, bla bla bla". Hahaha. Bear with it for it will be repeated in my next post. Seriously I miss blogging, but time hates me so much. Huh? Lazy. That's it. Time has nothing to do with it. Hehe. Yes, people will always blame others to save their asses. Eh? Kot la

Padang, Bandung and Bali. That's the main reason I update tonight. Yeay! I seriously can't believe that I managed to go to these places last school holidays. I had so much fun man! God, I did not update my last trip to Bangkok did I? Well, let me just sum up those places in one shot!

Bangkok. Wow! Bangkok just wow! It wowed me. Went there by train from Padang Besar and it took 18 hours to reach Bangkok. Yes, 18 hours. As I was too excited, well, 18 hours seemed OK la. We went for shopping, sight seeing, capturing moments of life and devouring food. That was a must! Haha. 

Padang, Bandung and Bali. Too many things to say, so I let the photos to share the moments ;)




Beautiful places and people. I should go to this place again :) That's all for now peeps. See ya! Thursday, 11:04 PM, 13 June 2013. 
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