Dear lovely readers ( boy do I have readers huh? )

Wait, readers or bloggers?Anyway, hey peeps!!! How are you guys doing? I know it's been ages! Here I am again, tonight, updating just for you lovely people, but why? The reason being is, of course,I miss you people! (though I know I am the only one ending up reading my own page) Haha. Well, the aura is here and am so upbeat to write tonight. Too many things to share but let's see then. 

Life is good, praise be to Allah. My last post was in June 2013 and now it's April 2014.
Should I wrap up what had happened for the past three months? Bolehlah.

January, February and March 2014. The school started and yeah, it started. It ended well and it was my 3rd year of teaching, yeay for me! 5 classes to teach, 25 periods per week.

Darn, seriously I've no idea what to write now. I miss sharing lots of things in this blog. The time that I went for holidays, spending time with my friends and uploading lots of photos. Argh, I miss those moments! Azim, that doesn't mean you can't do those things again. Yes you can. I heard you've already bought your flight ticket to somewhere this coming school holiday? See now? I'm writing to myself. Am I? Well. Let's just say I'm gonna share that part with y'all later! 

I'm freaking excited for May to come. Baby May, come faster, daddy needs you. Talking about daddy, haha, you know what, I'm a daddy in one of the classes that I teach. Daddy, daddy cool. LOL. This is hilarious but boy do I care. I love to be called as daddy. Seriously? Haha. OK, now the ideas to write suddenly mencurah-curah ke ladang gandum . I love it. Still, I haven't finished sharing my past three months.

Things have been tough, but what to do. You've got to do what you've got to do. It's such a relief when you face problems and not running away from it. You'll learn a lot, trust me. It's much sweeter and meaningful if you have your friends to back you up. I got my two-susah senang friends here; Zuzureza and Ayayyuni. I'm thankful to have them here to support me during my ups and downs. Macam ucapan menang anugerah. The point is, we need friends. That's why I love watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Eh? 

Then, teaching part. This one is quite tough to explain. Tough la sangat kan. Simply put, if you love with what you are doing, you will enjoy it very much. I love teaching, I love my students and I love the language and I love to eat. (Ha? From work related matter to food channel?) That's why I'm gaining weight now. Never mind then, the challenge to lose weight starts today as am trying my best to shed my belly fat. Belly why you so fat and no thin! Let see the result two weeks from now.  Boncit2 ni rasa susah nak bangon tidor.    

Wait, I haven't finished my first three months story yet! 2014 is the year for me to be the Examination Secretary, Co-curricular coordinator, Perfect teacher, sorry, PRefect teacher and a major foodie in my school canteen. Haha. I love food! What to do! 

My brain is telling my fingers to type about the destination for my next holiday and another one big secret but here I am, trying my best to control these cute fingers from telling the story. Cerita punya cerita and I wonder, is there anybody reading my page? Haha, thanks lah awak-awak yang sudi membaca blog ini. Enough then. I'll catch y'all later perhaps?! Bye! 

6th of April 2014, 10:06 PM

One more thing, there's no more The Bloke with bla bla bla. I'm using numbers now, like, you know, episodes. Story of my life kaedahnya. Wait, my photo!!! :) Nak jugak kan :P

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