Salam kalian!

AMARAN- Post kali ini amat menyentuh jiwa. Sediakan tisu. Saya yang sediakan tisu. Bukan awak!

As stated above, today's post is quite touching for me. Yeah, I'm leaving my school as I'll further my studies next week. Eh, tomorrow. InsyaAllah I'll be furthering my studies in the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. Last week of school's hard to put in words. Frankly, I feel loved by these people. Thank you colleagues, dear students and staff. Thanks for the delicious food, cakes, surprise birthday party and all the lovely presents! I love you guys! 

To my warga SeMeSTi, thanks for everything. I have learnt a lot from you peeps. My ex-students and students especially 5 Angsana, 5 Jati, 4 Bidara, 4 Delima, 4 Jati. You kids are awesome. Kak Hanim, thanks for teaching me the meaning of life. I've learnt a lot from you. Stay vogue Kanim! hehe. My #qetepiyyans, you guys are my tulang belakang. Thanks for always being there for me. Don't wanna write more, am afraid tears will flow out. Enjoy the pics okay? SeMeSTi Pasti Jaya!

Thanks Kak Hanim & Lembaga Pengawas

 4 Jati. Thanx kids!!!

Warga SeMeSTi, terima kasih!

 My ex-5 Cendana, thanks for this cake. Good Luck SPM 2014!

 Korean Food!!! Hidup Geng Karok! Hehehe

 2 Cendana thanks for the cake though I'm not teaching you.

 5 Angsana, thanks for this cake and thanks for the party that night!!! SPM 9A+!

Thanks again 5 Angsana!

 Thanks Syaz. Sugar is Gula!

Thanks 5 Cendana ex-students! Red velvy in the house.

 Thanks for the surprise party! Farewell cum birthday party. 

4 Bidara. Thanks for the cakes and presents! 

 Cikgu-cikgu Bujang & Kakak kesepian. :P

 Thanks Kak Ita 

 Kak Halis, thanks! :)

 Thanks Kak Zai. 

Thanks English teachers! :)


That's all for now. I love SeMeSTi! SMK Sungai Tiram di hati!

More photos on my FB: Mohd Azim Bin Saidon

10:43 PM - 17/9/2014
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