salam, kalian. rinduku semakin kuat dengan dirimu, Malaysia. alhamdulillah, life is good here in sheffield and how time flies huh, as i've already finished my first semester for my m.a. eight months to go before i can happily feed my stomach with nasi lemak ayam thaif, roti banjir, my mum's ayam masak babu and the list goes on. i love to eat, like seriously. a major foodie i am! and just so you know, i've put on weight here, to help me facing the winter season. (alasan). hey people, am still spending my winter break and i was like, ok, this is how winter feels. nak sangat kan main salji masa kecik-kecik dulu. hahaha. syukur, for i have the chance to experience winter season here in sheffield, thus uploading your photos playing with snow and making a snowman are a must!  

anyway, let the winter story come after this post as for this moment, day,'s all about europe trip!!! yeaha!!! thanks, my travel mates! you people ah, awesome gilaks and i had a good time then! fyi, we went to four countries; france - germany - austria - italy for 10 days (14 to 24 december) visiting tourist hotspots and of course, 'click click' tangkap gambaq la! later, i stayed london right after the trip, for three days, eagerly waiting for boxing day in oxford street. jom, the photos!          

paris de nord, our meeting station 

it's paris disneyland!!! (france)

mercedes-benz museum (germany)

porsche museum (germany)

bmw museum (germany)
neuschwanstein castle (germany)

mini museum :) (germany)

allianz arena (germany)

sini kecantikan yang amat! hungerburg (austria)

venice, people! (italy)

burano (italy)

tak venice la kalau tak gondola (italy)

 strawberi karipap tersesat di paris? (france)
arc de triomphe
notre dame
louvre museum (france)

le claridge champs-elysées

moulin rouge

boxing day in oxford street (london) 

camden town, london :)

that's all for now, peeps. see ya!!! 10:46 pm, 21/1/2015.

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